Samsung working on a Smart Window, sorta like an overgrown iPad on steroids (Video)

It seems that there is a real movement to turn just about everything we touch or look at into a computer screen of one type or another. While most of the ideas never make it to market we very often get to see what the brightest minds in technology are thinking about at shows like this year’s CES, and this offering from Samsung is one of those items.

Going by the extremely clever name of the Samsung Smart Window the company is looking to try and convince us that the idea of a picture window that doubles as some sort of giant iPad screen is a great idea and the next big thing.

Not only is it just a plain old window put it comes with things like a digital blinds app for those times you don’t want anyone staring in through your really cool window. It also comes with a one-way mirror app for those times you want to go all interrogating on someone. It can do all this fancy stuff while using about 1/10th the amount of electricity than the standard LCD screen.

Samsung this isn’t just something that you’ll see in some science fiction movie as they plan to go into production within a few month; but before you start drooling over how much you want one of these there is no word of how much it will cost you or what the size of your home owners insurance premiums will be.

In the meantime though here’s a video of the Smart Window being shown off.

via Geekosystem