Megyn Kelly Advocates Government Intervention To Force Parents To Vaccinate Kids [Video]

Megyn Kelly vaccines

Lately, Megyn Kelly has been given a treatment almost unheard of for Fox News broadcasters. A lengthy New York Times Magazine piece recently praised Megyn for her reputation of calling out guests who, while of her own political leanings, say something that she personally disagrees with. While Kelly is still certainly not without her detractors, she’s secured a reputation among even some liberals who detest Fox News as the one who isn’t quite “so bad” compared to the rest.

Part of that reputation comes from how Megyn responds to issues like the controversy over vaccines. While presidential hopefuls like Chris Christie skirt the issue, Kelly strongly said Monday that, as both an American citizen and a mother, she believes that vaccines should be mandatory for parents.

“The next big question for all these presidential candidates, ‘How [do] they feel about mandatory vaccines?’ because of the outbreak that’s we’ve seen of measles in this country. A disease that we have a vaccine for. I mean, you will not get the measles if you get the vaccine.”

Megyn went on to say that she realizes the issue has several implications that make it an uncomfortable stance for politicians. The idea of the government mandating a round of shots that there’s still a lot of fear around is uncomfortable, even for some pro-vaccine supporters. Kelly, however, says that such trepidation about vaccines has no place in light of further scientific probing into the matter.

“In defense of the [anti-vaxxers], five years ago, the science wasn’t even as certain as it is today. But it is very certain today… This is going to be a big political issue for politicians going forward, because it’s about Big Brother… But on the other hand, some things do require some involvement of Big Brother.”

Megyn has been outspoken about her pro-vaccine stance many times before. Kelly even hosted a segment where she pointed out inconsistencies in the way that Jenny McCarthy — once one of the most recognizable faces of the anti-vaccine movement — presented her opinions on the topic now that science has become more clear on the safety of vaccines. Kelly’s guest on the program specifically pointed to a previous quote from Jenny.

“If we’re going to stand in line for either autism or measles, we’re going to stand in line for measles.”

Do you support Megyn Kelly’s view that the government should be able to mandate vaccines?

[Image via Fox News]