John Edwards’ Heart Problem Is Life-Threatening Says Cardiologist

Documents revealed by a federal judge on Friday show that John Edwards did have a valid reasoning for requesting a later court date. According to two letters submitted to the court by a leading cardiologist Edwards has a life-threatening condition that will require surgery in February.

The letters were revealed on Friday as part of a hearing to determine if the 58-year-old would be allowed to further delay his trial. Attorneys for Edwards had asked for a continuation that would delay the trial by 60 days. Judge Catherine Eagles who is overseeing the case extended the trial date until March 26.

While the court documents were sealed Eagles shared some basic information when presenting her decision for a delay to the court.

While he may be sick Edwards did appear in court before the judge, even after doctors advised him to avoid travel and court proceedings as a matter of healthy.

The prosecution in the meantime says they are ready to try John Edwards for six counts of felony and misdemeanor charges related to almost $1 million from wealthy donors that was used to hide his pregnant mistress during his unsuccessful run for the U.S. Presidency in 2008.

Do you think a continuation should have been granted given?