Diana DeGarmo, Ace Young Confirm They Hooked Up on ‘Hair’

So former American Idol stars Diana DeGarmo and Ace DeYoung are an item… and have been, for like two years now!

DeGarmo, 24, and Young, 31, met on the set of Idol, but their romance didn’t technically start there. The pair have opened up about their relationship- they live together- and Young says that it took until Idol was over and the pair were both performing in Hair on Broadway before they got together properly.

Young says that DeGarmo’s personality is basically and mainly why he fell in love with her- but if you’ve ever seen Hair, you know there’s an infamous nude scene… and that may have played a tiny role in getting the Idol stars to fall for each other. Young explains of the first time he saw DeGarmo in the buff:

“She said, ‘You’re not looking, right?’…And I was like, ‘Oh no, not at all.’ But I was looking, and I was like- sold.

“I was already interested in her as a person before I got to see her with no clothes on… but [that] sealed the deal.”

When Hair wrapped, Young moved out to Los Angeles for work, and DeGarmo eventually followed to find a place of her own. But after some hinting, he offered her a place to crash- and she never left. Young says he didn’t want her to, though:

“She came to California and kept saying, ‘I’m looking [at] apartments. And I was like, ‘Why don’t you just stay with me?’ The moment she got here, she realized I wasn’t going to let her get an apartment. It was like, either we’re doing this or we’re not. And thankfully, she was all in.”

In addition to sharing an abode, the reality TV couple also share their work, and DeGarmo describes their relationship as “beautiful.”