Is A Katie Maloney Pregnancy Possible? ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Addresses Rumors

Could a Katie Maloney pregnancy be coming soon to Vanderpump Rules? Last night, following her February 2 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Maloney addressed rumors she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Tom Schwartz.

On Twitter, after hearing speculation regarding a Katie Maloney pregnancy, the reality star set the record straight.

A Katie Maloney pregnancy would certainly provide Vanderpump Rules with a new spin. Currently, the show focuses on the working and partying lifestyles of Maloney and the rest of the cast, so if she were pregnant, things would change drastically — at least for her and Schwartz.

She also appeared to have been faced with rumors of a possible breast augmentation, which she also cleared up online.

“Shout out to push up bras. Such fun tonight on #wwhl!”

During the show as reported by E! News on February 3, Maloney and Schwartz discussed a possible engagement.

“It’s unequivocal. She’s my baby. As bad as what I did was, it was terrible and I feel awful about it, I think it was like a wakeup call, because for a while I was kind of going through the motions in the relationship.”

At this point, Maloney and Schwartz aren’t yet engaged, but Maloney is hoping that will soon change.

“He knows what the time frame is. Given everything that happened this summer, I think it’s only fair that I give him a little shove and a little bit of an ultimatum.”

Last month, Maloney surfaced on Instagram, where as the Inquisitr reported, she debuted a ring on her engagement finger. However, since Maloney didn’t confirm what the ring was for, fans assumed it was nothing more than a fun piece of jewelry. That’s not to say that an engagement isn’t something fans will soon see.

While Maloney and Schwartz had a rough season, they are currently doing great and loving life at home together with their new dog, Gordo, which Schwartz purchased for Maloney earlier this season.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ariana Madix also spoke of an engagement last night. However, she claimed she had no interest in marriage.

“Haha! Not if it is up to me. It’s just not my thing.”

While it may not be happening now, a Katie Maloney pregnancy is possible. During last night’s Watch What Happens Live, both Maloney and Schwartz said they wanted to have children in the future.

[Photo via Instagram]