‘Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Who Is Chris Soules Going To Marry? – Some Insist Reality Steve Is Wrong

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Those that want to know more about The Bachelor than what airs on TV each week often turn to the Internet and spoilers. Many times, they turn to a reality junkie known as Reality Steve, and he’s usually spot on. For the 2015 season of The Bachelor, he’s already admitted to being wrong a few times about Chris Soules, but is he still?

Please let it be known that there are possible SPOILERS ahead for the current season of The Bachelor. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

From what Reality Steve has reported, the final four women will be Kaitlyn Bristowe, Whitney Bischoff, Becca Tilley, and Jade Roper.

Jade will be sent home first, and then Kaitlyn goes home, so the final two are Becca and Whitney. After bringing them home to meet his family, he brings both women to the finale and proposes to Whitney Bischoff.

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Now, that all seems fine and dandy, and it appears as if Chris Soules and Whitney are prepared to live happily ever after together. The only problem is that some people aren’t sure that he does end up with Whitney.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry brings up the fact that Reality Steve has admitted to being wrong about some eliminations, dates, and other things on this season of The Bachelor. Fans don’t really believe that it will be Whitney who he chooses at the end.

In the spoilers for episode six, Reality Steve did seem to be a bit confused as to why there isn’t a rose ceremony at the end. He assumes a few things after piecing together what he knows happens, but his certainty doesn’t appear to be at 100 percent.

It’s also been stated in some reports that Chris is actually engaged to the other finalist, Becca Tilley.

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Many fans are not feeling Whitney as a front-runner to win the 2015 season of The Bachelor, but Reality Steve still insists that Chris Soules and Whitney are still engaged and all is going fine for the couple that will walk out of the show together.

Inquisitr even reports that Chris Soules is still engaged to Whitney, and that some locals in Iowa have seen them together. Reality Steve is standing by what he says he knows.

“Chris is engaged to Whitney and nothing has changed.”

Does anyone know what really will happen through the rest of the 2015 season on The Bachelor? The spoilers for Episode 6 are out, and those seem to be in place, but it has been a while since Chris truly did propose to Whitney, and things may have changed by now — but did he change women?

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