WWE News: Former Women’s Champion Chyna Responds Triple H’s WWE Hall Of Fame Comments

Last night after Monday Night Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin had Triple H on the “Steve Austin Podcast,” which was a huge hit. Just like Austin’s previous podcast with Vince McMahon, the WWE Network subscribers were in for a treat when the Texas Rattlesnake went toe-to-toe with the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE.

The two WWE legends talked about the Royal Rumble controversy, while breaking kayfabe several times. In fact, Stone Cold asked Triple H if kayabe was dead. That was the telling-sign that kayfabe is truly dead. They went on to discuss CM Punk’s saga with the WWE and if he’ll ever return. Before Punk though, Stone Cold brought up an uncomfortable topic for Triple H, Chyna.

In so many words, Triple H said she absolutely deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. HHH alluded to her past in adult films, which may be a roadblock for her name to be included with the all-time greats. By all means, Chyna is one of the greatest female wrestlers in WWE history. She paved the way for many women who are muscular to be in pro wrestling.

Chyna received a multitude of messages regarding her name being brought up on the WWE Network. She took to Twitter and expressed her feelings.

The sole fact that Triple H addressed the question of Chyna showed how professional and caring of the fans he really is. Also in the Stone Cold Podcast, he discussed the fact that he wants Raw to be two hours again. His reasoning was simple; that is because a third hour of television is so “exponentially” hard to do.

Austin also went in-depth on NXT and how great of a product it is. Triple H thinks it’s become a brand alternative, instead of only a developmental league. They learn there as well, but certain WWE fans only watch NXT for its style and production.

Near the end of the podcast, Austin asked Triple H if he would ever step in the ring again. Without trying to give away anything, he said that he is training two times a day every week. That pretty much guarantees he is going to face Sting at WrestleMania 31. However, that article on WWE is for another time.

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