Don Lemon Gets Flamed For Misidentifying Smallpox Vaccine On Twitter

Don Lemon ended 2014 being named the worst reporter of the year by Columbia Journalism Review, and his 2015 hasn’t gotten off to an any less controversial start. In just a month, Don has already come under fire for asking a Muslim human rights lawyer if he was a member of Islamic extremist group ISIS, and now he’s being attacked for a Monday tweet where he posted a picture of a scar that he claimed to be the result of his measles vaccine.

There’s just one problem with Lemon’s promotional tweet: the shot for measles, part of the MMR vaccine, doesn’t leave a scar. Don didn’t manage to correct his mistake before posting the picture to his 269,000 followers, and his critics started cutting into it almost instantly.

It’s possible that such a misstep may have fallen more lightly if it was coming from the account of anyone but Lemon himself. Among Don’s most famous gaffes last year were segments where he suggested that a Bill Cosby rape accuser should have chomped down on her alleged attacker’s penis to prevent the attack, not to mention one where Lemon floated around the idea that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight had disappeared into a black hole.

Unfortunately for Don, it appears many of those replying to Lemon’s message had clearly not forgotten about these former flubs.

@donlemon @CNNTonight Delete your account

— Scott (@firescotch) February 3, 2015

About an hour after posting his MMR vaccine tweet, Lemon wrote to clarify his earlier misidentification of the shot. That was followed this morning by Don reposting a Daily Beast article that suggested Lemon might find his “natural home” at Fox News.

Don Lemon also took some heat from Jon Stewart last week for his “Blizzardmobile” segment. You can watch that video below.

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