Kendra Sunderland: Library Adult Video Star Posts New Naughty Selfies, Seeks ‘Business Inquiries’

Kendra Sunderland, 19, the former Oregon State University student now facing criminal charges over an adult video she recorded using her computer in the campus library, appears to be attempting to exploit her newfound notoriety. Apparently she’s actively seeking “business inquiries” as she declares on her social media sites, “Yes I am that girl.”

Sunderland was arrested last week after the video, which she seems to have filmed via her laptop computer’s internal camera and was apparently part of a live online video performance for an adult site, was reported to Oregon State Police.

The video depicts Sunderland sitting at a desk in what appears to be an otherwise deserted section of the university’s Valley Library as she partially disrobes and performs explicit acts for the camera, while intermittently looking over her shoulder to make sure she is alone, and typing messages into the computer.

Though the Salem, Oregon native described by friends as “kind of a party girl” faces up to one year in jail along with a fine of $6,000 if convicted on a charge of lewd behavior in public.

Kendra Sunderland on Monday posted a new set of selfies depicting herself modeling various combinations of underwear.

Though the new, naughty Sunderland selfies fall mostly into the “PG-13” category, they may be too racy to post on this page. Readers not offended by images of a young woman wearing only revealing undergarments, though not nude, can view the former student’s new selfies at this link.

At the same time, Sunderland appears to be attempting to convert her sudden fame into cash — money she says she needs to pay her legal bills.

“I’m trying to raise money to hire a good attorney to fight this bogus charge,” she wrote on her new website, “I was thinking of putting the clothes that were in the video on Ebay for sale. What do you guys think? Let me know any ideas you might have.”

According to online records, the domain name was registered on January 30, three days after Sunderland was arrested for filming her explicit video in a public place.

On the site, the teen also gives an email address for “Media, Marketing and Booking requests,” while on her social media sites she gives the same email address for “business inquiries.”

On her site, Kendra Sunderland promises to “bring you the full video and the ‘True Story’ about the partial video that has been seen on the internet.” She gives a separate email address for those requesting updates on when the “full” video will be posted.