App-Powered Robotic Helicopters Under Development By US Navy

The US military is always looking for better technology and better ways of helping aid soldiers out on the battlefield. One such thing is autonomous vehicles that keep human beings out of harms way.

Currently, the US Navy is developing app-powered robotic helicopters for the Marines. Now, the helicopters will not be designed to attack enemies, but to aid soldiers by delivering needed supplies.

The project is quite a large undertaking. Named the Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System (AACUS) program, it’s a five year long program that will cost just under $100 Million. Main goal? Develop “sensors and control technologies for robotic vertical take-off and landing aircraft.”

If worked out successfully, these new autonomous and app-powered machines can take troops further out of danger. Enemies take down jets and helicopters whenever they can so even if it was to happen with one of these, there will be no human casualties.

“It’s going to be designed to work with people who have no flight experience,” said AACUS program officer Dr. Mary Cummings. “An operator will pick up his iPad or Android and make an emergency supply request. He’ll request that the helicopter come to him and land as close to him as possible.”

This takes apps to a whole new level. The technology is here for us to use, it just means putting everything together in a safe and reliable fashion.

“Proposals for the AACUS program will be put before the Office of Naval Research by February 22 of this year, which plans to award up to two contracts in April.”