‘Camouflage, Shrink And Even Eradicate’ Those Pesky Pores With These New Skin Care Products

Those pesky, sizable pores, especially noticeable in the dry winter months, have been the nemesis of beauticians and skin care specialists, not to mention the individuals to whomever those pores belong, for centuries. The effort that goes into masking them and diminishing their appearance via translucent cover-ups and foundations makes developers of high-end skin care lines scream “There has got to be a better way!”

Have no fear, because there now are a number of newly released skin care products that range in effectiveness from being able to supremely mask those noticeable pores to shrinking them down to a minuscule state and even — yes, believe it — eradicating the sight of them all together. Not to worry, you’ll still have pores, they just will remain unseen after you get your hands on the following products.

Dermatologist Dennis Gross has developed Smart Cleanser and Mask which, as Vogue indicates, “contains three forms of brightening Vitamin C—changes color to signal when you’ve sufficiently dissolved the last of the day’s dirt and oil.” This cleanser includes papaya fruit extract exfoliant, French Rose Clay, and glycolic acid in its ingredients, and can be found in all Sephora outlets.

Dr. Dennis Gross Color Smart, image via Vogue

Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel is also quite a groundbreaking skin care product, as the gel conforms to blemishes and clears blocked pores while calming irritation. This “wonder gel” is quite versatile as it can be dabbed over makeup or under it while achieving the same effectiveness. Ingredients include pore-clearing salicylic acid and hydrating elements that will treat blemishes without over-drying. Check out shiseido.com for more info and to get your hands on this remarkable product.

Shiseido Gel, image via Vogue

Perhaps the most welcome of the newly developed skin care products is Lancôme’s Visionnaire resurfacing serum. The said product is designed to make “every last imperfection disappear.” Ingredients included in the serum include micronized polymers that are specifically designed to blur the appearance of pores. Top that off with wound-healing plant extracts, and it’s clear why this product is set to be a bestseller like many from the current Lancôme line.

Lancome Visionnaire Serum, image via Vogue

Leaving POREfessional off the skin care must-have list would be a true crime. This exceptional product made by Benefit, is the perfect on-the-go addition to the makeup bag, as it only requires a dab or two under or over makeup in order to mask the sight of pores and boost the Vitamin E level around the eye area. Check out sephora.com for more about POREfessional, and all of the other incredible products that Benefit has to offer.

Benefit POREfessional Balm, image via Vogue

The results gained from utilizing these newly released products with their innovative skin care technologies border on supernatural and would make the perfect addition to any regimes as they are meant to conveniently cover flaws without breaking the bank entirely.

With dry and hazardous winter conditions always threatening to damage skin, The Fashion Spot offers some invaluable advice as to what not to do in order to ensure you don’t add to the already delicate condition of winter skin.

“[Don’t] take long, hot showers. The heat from a longer than usual steamy shower causes skin to lose its oil barrier fast, causing itchy, dry skin. Skip the body lotion. To remedy flaky skin, reaching for the lotion post-shower is a must. It’s one of those steps that is easy to overlook, but you’ll be glad you did it once your skin gets the relief and moisture it needs. [Don’t] over-exfoliate. We’re all for a scrub down (or even a peel!) to remove those dead skin cells and reveal that glowy skin. But overdoing it will irritate and chap the skin, so proceed with caution.”

[Feature image via orlandostylemagazine.com]