Victim Bites Off Attacker’s Tongue During Sexual Assault, Gives It To Police As Evidence

Adele barber

Adele Barber, a 28-year-old from the United Kingdom, was sexually assaulted in an alleyway by a complete stranger. As the man thrust his tongue into the victim’s mouth, she fought back and ensured she had DNA evidence to put the attacker behind bars in the process. Barber bit her attackers tongue off and kept it for evidence.

According to the Daily Mail, Ferdinand Manila, 28, attacked Barber in an alleyway, but wasn’t prepared for what would ensue. As Manila began kissing Barber, he put his tongue into her mouth. Barber immediately bit down with all her might, biting off a portion of Manila’s tongue. As blood gushed from his mouth, Manila ran from the scene. Barber says she then spit out the piece of flesh in her mouth, but decided to keep it as evidence of the sexual assault.

In an interview with iTV, Barber notes that as soon as she was attacked, she set out to gather as much physical evidence as possible.

“I fought him off as much as I could and wanted to leave as much evidence as possible on his body and my body to show that it was not consensual in any way, shape or form. I wanted to gather as much evidence as I could – under my nails, by biting his tongue – so that police could catch him.”

Barber wasn’t Manila’s only victim that day. In fact, Manila went on to assault a second woman later the same day, grabbing a 55-year-old from behind and stroking her. It was the piece of tongue that was used to connect the assaults. There is also a third victim that Manila was charged with attacking.

“Luton Crown Court heard police kept the piece of tongue and matched his DNA to the earlier attacks.”

Judge Barbara Mensah says that Barber is extremely brave for fighting back against her attacker and securing the DNA.

“She bravely bit some of it off and removed it from her mouth later on and took it to police. It has caused serious psychological harm. His first victim took a big risk when she bit off a part of Mr Manila’s tongue. This was very distressing for her. The public needs to be protected from the nature of these offences that can cause serious psychological harm.”

Barber’s quick-thinking paid off and Manila was jailed last week for his crimes. Manila was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault against the two women and was given an indefinite hospital order as he was deemed mentally ill. Hospital staff caring for Manila note that even in the hospital, he continues to make sexual advances to the nursing staff along with inappropriate sexual comments.

Though Barber says Manila caused her to lose her spot at the university and caused her psychological harm, she hopes that he gets the help he needs.

“I know he’s really sick and I’m glad that he’s in the hospital, it’s the best place for him. Hopefully it means that he can get better in the future and start his life over like I’m hoping to now.”