Naked Cowboy Walking Down Interstate 75 In Snowstorm Detained By Police [Video]

If you were driving down Interstate 75 in a snowstorm, the last thing you would expect to see is a stark naked man wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. That was the sight that greeted driver in Auburn Hills Michigan. The Daily News reports that a 53-year old Michigan man was having a mental breakdown when he parked at the side of the Interstate in the middle of a snowstorm. The naked cowboy then took off all his clothes and walked down the middle of the Interstate wearing nothing but his cowboy hat.

According to the Detroit News, police responded to a call reporting that there was a naked man on the highway at around 1130 a.m. Sunday. Auburn Hills police Lt. Casimir Miarka says officers discovered the naked man walking down northbound lanes on Interstate 75 during the snowstorm Sunday morning. He says it appeared the naked man had driven his vehicle off the road and into a nearby ditch.

Lt. Miarka said, “We did receive several calls about a gentleman walking on northbound I-75, He was taking off his clothes.”

The naked man, a 53-year-old from Bloomfield Hills, was wearing only a cowboy hat.

The incident was captured on film by a motorist who pulled to the side of the expressway as the naked cowboy, who appears to be barefoot, slowly walks in the opposite direction of traffic, and cars maneuver around him along the snow-covered road.

The camera operator says, “He’s trying to open up car doors, his truck’s over there, his clothes are all laid out in the road.”

Lt. Miarka explained, “It appears that he ran off the roadway and into the ditch, the report was the man was stripping off his clothes so I would assume [the police] found his clothes nearby.”

“They transported him to the fire station to see what was going on, and they took him to the hospital,” said Lt. Miarka. “He was checked in and was being evaluated at the hospital.”

According to Social News Daily, it seems some other bizarre events came before his naked walk down the highway. Authorities say he stole a family member’s truck and was driving during very severe weather conditions. In fact, the area was under a driving restriction due to the heavy blizzard, making his actions not only bizarre, but very dangerous.

Lt. Ryan Gagnon told The News that officers immediately recognized the naked man was having a mental crisis and successfully got him to get inside their car. The naked cowboy is undergoing psychiatric evaluation before a decision is made as to whether he will be charged with indecent exposure. Lt Gagnon added that the weather may have actually saved the naked cowboy because the vehicles were traveling at a reduced speed as the snow had started to fall around 11:35 a.m.

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