Shovel It Forward: Wisconsin Firefighters Return To Clear Driveway Of Man They Rescued

When Wisconsin firefighters rescued a man who was suffering from chest pains while shoveling his driveway, they not only took him to get checked out, they returned to his home to shovel it forward and clear his driveway.

Everyone has heard a story about an elderly person shoveling their driveway and feeling chest pains. It especially happens to the elderly, when the cold and physical exertion becomes too much to handle for them.

Greenfield, Wisconsin got slammed with 12-inches of snow on Sunday and when a man shoveling his driveway felt chest pain he called 911. The Fire Department came to the rescue and took him to a Milwaukee hospital, but that is not where this story ends.

“They responded to a cardiac call,” Greenfield fire chief John Cohn said, according to CBS. “There was some discussion of what to do…. they wanted it as one less thing for the family to worry about.”

The story has now gone viral and is being picked up by national cable news programs, while the hashtag shovel it forward started to trend. One of the man’s neighbors posted the photo of the Greenfield firefighters clearing the snow from the man’s driveway to Facebook.

The Greefield Fire Department, located in Milwaukee county, is a small one, as they explain in a previous post on their page.

“What happens when a small fire department (50 members) with a giant heart, passion for service, a ‘can do’ attitude and great members makes the service they provide accessible to the media?”

“The public gets (another) great glimpse behind the scenes of the fire, medical and rescue services we provide everyday no matter the weather, the time or date on the calendar.”


The actions of the firefighters who rescued the man, took him to the hospital to receive treatment, and then decided to return to his home to shovel it forward, is heartwarming and welcome news in a world generally void of positive stories. The story has struck a nerve and has more then 19,000 “likes” on Facebook. The chief explained, this is his department’s attitude.

“It’s a story of people helping people. It shines a light on the great work police and fire departments do each day, despite what makes it onto the front pages.”

“Anyone can make a difference. We’ve started a hashtag: Shovel it forward.”

Not only are these firefighters heroes, but they truly care about those who they help. Where most Fire Departments would take the patient to the hospital and move on, the Greenfield guys went above and beyond. Shovel it forward.

[Image via Facebook]