This Real-Life Pit Bull Alarm Clock Is Way Beyond Adorable And It Comes With Snooze Feature [Video]

An owner of a pit bull trained a neat feature in his dog. The pit bull can not only serve as a great replacement for an alarm clock, but even has the “snooze” function that allows her owner to sleep for just a few more minutes.

The video posted on YouTube by user “autoedit” shows how a pit bull, who clearly isn’t a late sleeper, pestering his owner in the sweetest of ways to get up. “Grey Dog” as the pit bull has come to be known, isn’t one for sleeping in. Naturally, that means her humans shouldn’t either.

“The pit bull has this habit of meowing for attention in the morning,” shared her owner, “so dad set up a camera in night-shot mode to capture her cute ‘alarm clock’ routine.”

The fun starts at the crack of dawn at 4:57 a.m., when the dog comes by the bed and makes little noises to let his owner know it is time to get up. The owner, obviously wanting to get a few more minutes of sleep, asks her,

“Oh Grey Dog, it is the crack of dawn girl. Come on, go back to bed. Give me a few more minutes OK.”

The pit bull then stares at the owner and backs-off as if hit with snooze button. However, just as the snooze duration is over, the pit bull is back 15 minutes later at 5:15 a.m. to try and wake her owner, with a louder, more persistent sweet deep-throat growl. But her owner, who still isn’t ready to get up and ready for the day, once again pleads to the pit bull, “Oh, dude really.” To which the pit bull repeats her appeal to her owner that it is really time to get up. The owner then repeats his appeal,

“It is still too early girl. Go back to bed. Give me a few more minutes please.”

Once again the dog makes a quiet retreat, only to come back 15 minutes later. The pit bull can be seen making a sound that means “this is the final wake-up call mister.” Realizing the dog means business; the owner concedes and gets up.


Though many have questioned whether the dog was merely asking to be walked or let out, the owner confirmed that Grey Dog has her own “dog door” as well as unrestrained access to the backyard. Obviously, the playful pit bull wants either attention or strongly desires the owner to come play with her.

It is quite clear, that no one can consistently avoid getting up if they have such an adorable pit bull alarm clock.

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[Image Credit | YouTube Video grab]