Stephen Colbert Super PAC Buys Up Media Space In South Carolina

It turns out Stephen Colbert was really serious about wanting to become the President of the United States of South Carolina. Announced during an airing of his show on Thursday the talk show host has officially handed the reins of his “Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC,” over to Jon Stewart and it has begun buying political ads in South Carolina.

According to reports the Super PAC has already purchased nearly $10,000 worth of airtime in Charleston with ads set to run from Jan. 15 through Jan. 19.

Another source says the PAC is already “negotiating a substantial media buy in the Columbia market” to air at an undisclosed time.

Now before you go thinking Stephen Colbert actually has a chance to win the state it’s important to remember that South Carolina doesn’t allow write-ins and he missed the deadline to get on the ballot.

Sure it might all be fake but the entire point of Stephen Colbert entering the South Carolina race with his fake and what we’re sure will be funny ads is that he wants to show how ridiculous politics in America have truly become.

Would you be willing to write-in Stephen Colbert if South Carolina allowed you to voice your choice with a write-in?