Did Stassi Schroeder Quit ‘Vanderpump Rules’? She Watches ‘The Bachelor’ On Monday Night

Did Stassi Schroeder quit Vanderpump Rules amid filming on season three? According to the latest couple of episodes, that certainly seems like a possibility.

For the last two weeks, Schroeder has been completely missing from Vanderpump Rules, and in sneak peeks at next week’s episode, she is absent as well. In addition, the fashion blogger is no longer promoting new episodes of the show on Twitter — and doesn’t even appear to be watching them.

On the evening of February 2, Schroeder re-tweeted a message from her friend, Deidre Behar, which revealed she was watching The Bachelor instead of Vanderpump Rules.

“Monday night @BachelorABC fiesta with @stassischroeder and @nikidavidson…and cookie dough and crudite.”

If Stassi Schroeder quit the show, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. After all, Schroeder expressed interest in leaving the show after season two. After quitting her job at SUR Lounge, Schroeder moved to New York City to be with her boyfriend, only to return months later and return to filming.

Despite Schroeder being in Los Angeles, she doesn’t appear concerned with filming at this point, and while it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not she quit the show, it is a possibility that fans have seen the last of her.

In a January 20 Q&A session, which the Inquisitr reported on weeks ago, Schroeder opened up about the pressures of filming a reality show and gushed over her relationship with Patrick Meagher.

“I’m going to be honest; the whole process of filming a reality show really does wear on me at times. You get confused between what is reality and what is not. My occupation right now is to fight with others and constantly try to stay one step ahead of everyone else. That’s stressful and it messes with my mind at times.”


If Stassi Schroeder quit Vanderpump Rules after season three, her boyfriend certainly wouldn’t mind. Meagher hasn’t appeared on the show at all, and Schroeder has made it clear he has no plans to do so in the future.

“Honestly, Patrick is not a Vanderpump Rules type of guy, if you know what I mean. He’s a man, the complete definition of a man. He has more integrity than anyone I have ever met. And I truly believe he is just too kind for this sort of thing. He has a wonderful career, and we have a very normal easy life together.”

If Stassi Schroeder quit the show, things wouldn’t change much with the cast since she didn’t film very much during season three, and no longer works at SUR Lounge.

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