Scheana Marie Discusses Her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Star Kristen Doute’s Exit From SUR Lounge

Scheana Marie Shay wasn’t surprised to see Kriste Doute get fired from SUR Lounge on Monday night’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Shay has been disappointed in Doute’s behavior for a while now, so seeing Lisa Vanderpump finally give her the boot came as a welcome surprise.

On February 2, Shay took to her blog, where she spoke of Doute’s recent firing.

“The time has come when Kristen is finally held accountable for her actions, although she still is unable to admit fault. Kristen likes to put the blame on anyone other than herself. Whether or not she ‘orchestrated’ Miami Girl coming into SUR, she definitely facilitated it.”

After getting fired, Doute celebrated her exit from the restaurant with her boyfriend, James Kennedy, and close friend, Rachel. Meanwhile, Scheana Marie Shay was finishing the last few details on her wedding with Ariana Madix.

At this point, Doute was still invited to Scheana Marie Shay’s wedding, but she was starting to doubt her decision — especially after Doute allegedly brought Tom Sandoval’s alleged Miami fling to SUR Lounge.

“It’s also funny how she said it was none of my business and I was somehow making this all about me and my wedding. I’m sorry, Kristen, but how is any of this ANY of your business? With our wedding just a few days away, damn right that’s the main thing I’m concerned with. It’s not just a 29th birthday or dinner party, its a WEDDING! How is that so hard for some people to take in? This was the most important day of my entire life. I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect and calm the days leading up to it, and leave it to Kristen, ‘my friend’ of all people, to blow sh– up.”

Shay, and the majority of the staff at SUR Lounge, was left in shock by Doute’s behavior towards her manager, Diana, and was glad to see Vanderpump take action against her.

“She deserved to be fired a long time ago, and I’m glad Lisa was finally fed up enough to let her go. Kristen has gotten away with so many things for years now, but disrespecting management is inexcusable. What employee thinks they can tell their manager to f— off and suck a d**k and not get fired? Whether she was clocked in or not, she was on SUR property and the rest of us were working! I really thought this would be the thing that would put Kristen in her place, get her life together, and be a good person, as hard as that may be.”

Recently on Twitter, Scheana Marie Shay admitted she sometimes regrets having ever been friends with Doute at all.

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[Photo via Twitter]