Police Ticket 6-Year-Old For Reckless Driving, Confiscate His Vehicle

Gael Noriega is only six-years-old but that didn’t stop police this week from issuing the kid a reckless driving ticket.

Police in Mexico spotted Noriega as he plowed into the side of an SUV and ticketed him for the accident. The police then took their job one step further by issuing little Gael with a ticket for driving without a license and for failure to register his vehicle, a miniature motorbike.

Police then impounded the youngsters gas-powered bike and demanded $183 to have it released back into the possession of his parents.

After reporting the incident to the media for what Gael’s mom calls a “ridiculous” set of events the fines were eventually released and the police will be punished according to a city councilor.

After all is said and done the bike is no longer in working condition.

When did punishing a child for doing something wrong lead to public outcry? The kid smashed into the side of someones property, if anything his parents should be held legally responsible for any damages caused to the SUV. This poor child is going to be 25-years-old one day and crying to the media about every little thing that happens in his life if this is how his parents raise him.

Do you think the police operated outside the bounds of normal human decency or did someone need to teach the child that what he did was wrong if his parents weren’t going to do it?