Anti-Vaccine Doctor: ‘I Could Live With Myself Very Easily If Your Child Died Because Mine Weren’t Vaccinated’

Anti-vaccine doctor Jack Wilson from Phoenix, Arizona, has a message for all parents who believe in mandatory vaccinations.

Vaccines are toxic. Furthermore, if your child got gravely ill or even died as a result of his child exposing them to a deadly virus, he could live with himself “very easily.”

The shocking revelation came from a recent interview with CNN in which the reporter asked him the following question: “Could you live with yourself if your child got another child sick — I mean really sick? Complications, even death? Could you live with yourself?

Here’s what the anti-vaccine doctor had to say.

“I could live with myself very easily. It’s a very unfortunate thing that people die but unfortunately, people die, and I’m not going to put my child at risk to save another child. I’m not going to sacrifice the well-being of my child. My child is pure. It’s not my responsibility to be protecting their child.”

If you find it hard to believe that a trained doctor could feel this way, I’ve included video of the comment below. His response starts at around the two-minute mark, and is part of a larger report dealing with the California measles outbreak.

Apparently, one family is now living in terror that their leukemia-stricken daughter will die after being exposed to the virus by her brother. Her brother picked it up because a healthcare worker treated him after treating a family that was exposed to measles at Disneyland. That family had not vaccinated any of their four children.

But for Dr. Wilson, that’s “too bad.”


Not surprisingly, the anti-vaccine doctor has created a furor on reddit. The video made the top of page one Monday night with most wanting to turn him into a human piñata.

Here were some of the nicer comments.

“The cognitive dissonance is so strong it hurts. This man should be barred from practicing medicine.”

“Wow that is [expletive] disgusting. Reminds me of an idiot of a mom who also happens to be a ‘journalist’ here in Romania. She promotes so much of the anti vax [expletive] that it makes me sick. She cannot accept that autism is not induced by vaccines, she even said that cancer is ‘just like luck, everyone makes their own’ or that if a mother loves her child, then she will produce milk and otherwise not…. I cannot believe people like these exist. More so, people like this [expletive] are doctors. YUCK!”

“What’s worse is that there are parents out there who’s anti-vaccination stance will be strengthened by his comments because he is a doctor.”

Slate has a detailed rundown on the case against the anti-vaccine movement.

What do you think about the anti-vaccine doctor? Should he be barred from practicing medicine, and should vaccinating children be mandatory? Share your thoughts in our comments section.