Crucified Cat On A Cross: Animal Cruelty Used To Call A Christian Church ‘Hypocrites’

When Real Life Christian Church found a crucified cat on a cross near their building they were horrified by the animal cruelty. What makes the case even more odder is that the perpetrator attacked the Christian church with a Biblical message scrawled with a red substance onto the cross.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, when the so-called “zombie cat” clawed its way out of an early grave it became instantly famous for proving cats have nine lives. While the owner is happy to have his cat back, a humane society is questioning whether or not he should be allowed to keep Bart the cat since he was essentially buried alive.

Unfortunately, the cat in this new report did not survive the crucifixion. The small gray-striped tabby cat with a white belly was found dead and affixed to the cross. The stick was found with a message, “Thou shalt not make my fathers house a den of thieves! Read Matthew 7:13 ye hypocrites.”

Crucified Cat On A Cross

The referenced Bible verse is a quote from Jesus Christ, which reads as follows.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Police are trying to solve the mystery of why anyone would use a crucified cat to send a message, but reports do note the reference to churches and money. Real Life Christian Church recently received a $1.4 million donation, but church leaders are putting the money to use in a food pantry and local outreach programs to refurbish homes for the poor and elderly.

Church leaders say there is video surveillance for the building, but the cameras did not show the person or group responsible for crucifying the cat. A church employee also disposed of the cat and the cross before police officers arrived. According to News 13, church leaders did not wish to speak on camera, but the church has released a statement.


“We are truly saddened by this inhumane act against one of God’s creatures. While we have no idea what would prompt someone to do something like this, we are praying for them and for those affected by it.”

When church members heard about the incident they were shocked.

“That’s just ridiculous. There is no excuse for it. The world is falling apart,” church member Susan Kiley Ineichen said according to WFTV. “I think that’s someone that doesn’t know the real life that goes on here. My kids go to school here. We go to church here. Those are the hypocrites. Those people who put the cat up there.”

Police officers in Lake County are still investigating the circumstances of the crucified cat on the cross. If you have any information, please contact them at (352)394-5588 and reference the case ID number 15C2896.