Mom And Baby Booted Off Plane: Called Flight Attendant ‘The Queen’

A mother and her five-month-old son were kicked off a flight from Denver to Memphis following an argument with a crew member over an Ergo baby carrier, even though she complied with the crew member’s demands. Nicki Gazlay was on a Frontier Air flight and was told to remove her baby from its carrier. She explained to the flight attendant that she didn’t have to do that on a previous flight, but removed the baby from the carrier as she was asked to do.

During the verbal heated exchange, Glazay said she mockingly called the attendant “the queen of this airplane.”

“Of course I am going to comply, I’m going to do whatever you say because you are the Queen of this airplane.”

The flight attendant then said, “You’re off.”

She was kicked off the plane without a refund. She then had to purchase a ticket on another flight. She says once again, nobody said anything about the baby carrier. Many people criticized the airline and Nicki Gazlay has written a formal complaint against Frontier.

When others complained about the situation via Facebook, Frontier said they were investigating the incident and thanked the public for their concern.

“Thank you for your concern. We require all passengers to comply with FAA safety regulations and crew member instructions.”

They state Ergo carriers are not approved for take-off or landing by the Federal Aviation Authority, and the baby should have been placed in a carseat. They suggest to always purchase a ticket for the baby and to bring a carseat to avoid the scenario Galzay faced.


Although Gazlay says the attendant was rude first, other people on the flight said Gazlay was loud and argumentative. While someone sitting nearby thought Gazlay had a legitimate complaint that the rules aren’t uniform on every flight, the passenger feels that Gazlay was far too antagonistic in her response to the attendant.

“The flight attendant asked her nicely several times after boarding to remove the baby from the carrier for takeoff and landing, but the young lady chose to ignore her requests. Instead of just complying on the last request, she became argumentative and combative about why she didn’t feel it was necessary since she was not asked to comply on her previous flight.”

People are rather frequently kicked off airplanes for infractions that are controversial, as frequently reported by the Inquisitr, and some of the infractions have included things like puffing on an E-cigarette, talking on a cellphone, singing too loud and annoying others, and kicking the seat in front of you.

[photo via facebook]