We Could Store 100 Times More Data With ‘Magnetic Memory’ Says IBM Scientists

Data storage is always a topic of conversation when it comes to computers, laptops, tablets, and especially servers. IBM scientists are looking at a new experimental storage technique called magnetic memory.

With this new technique, they’ve figured out how to make it 100 times denser than hard drive storage already on the market which means that this could potentially pack in 100 times more storage in the same size.

Imagine something the size of a typical hard drive, but with the storage of 100TB or more. Very intriguing and could revolutionize data storage as we currently know it.

Via IBM:

“By taking a novel approach and beginning at the smallest unit of data storage, the atom, scientists demonstrated magnetic storage that is at least 100 times denser than today’s hard disk drives and solid state memory chips. Future applications of nanostructures built one atom at a time, and that apply an unconventional form of magnetism called antiferromagnetism, could allow people and businesses to store 100 times more information in the same space. “

“The chip industry will continue its pursuit of incremental scaling in semiconductor technology but, as components continue to shrink, the march continues to the inevitable end point: the atom. We’re taking the opposite approach and starting with the smallest unit — single atoms — to build computing devices one atom at a time.” said Andreas Heinrich, the lead investigator into atomic storage at IBM Research – Almaden, in California.”

Very exciting research and if IBM can pull if off in a reliable package, we could see our next generation of data storage.