‘Blank Space’ Set Catches Fire, Goes ‘Down In Flames’ Like Taylor Swift’s Love Life

Taylor Swift couldn’t have planned a more tragic and strangely perfect fate for the set of her music video “Blank Space.” The famous mansion where she filmed the entire video caught fire last week and suffered severe damage. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

According to Taste of Country, the Winfield Mansion went up in flames on January 28, and took two-and-a-half hours to be put out. One-hundred-and-fifty firefighters were rushed to the “Blank Space” set to put the fire out, but not before the historical home was devastated. The house contains more than 25,000 square feet and fortunately only one wing of the building was overtaken by flames.

The house was originally built in 1916 by a family who founded a global chain of Woolworth retail stores, and reached the peak of fame in Taylor Swift’s hit video for “Blank Space.” While other films and television shows have used the Winfield Mansion as a set, the home never saw such a wide audience as Taylor swift’s massive fan base. The video for “Blank Space” alone has almost half-a-billion views, and it’s still climbing. The set was such an integral part of the “Blank Space” music video that an app was released allowing Swift’s fans to tour the Winfield Mansion in 360-degree views. Now those photos and the “Blank Space” video will feature an exclusive glimpse into the mansion’s prime, before the fire struck.

The most unusual part about the Winfield fire is a line in “Blank Space,” wherein Taylor Swift describes her relationship as “going down in flames.” But she couldn’t have known that the Winfield Mansion would suffer the same end as her love life.

According to the Independent, the house is also famous for being haunted by the second daughter of Mr. Woolworth, who has crept around the property since 1917. A few of the locals have attributed the fire to the restless spirit, rather than the power of Taylor Swift’s amazing “Blank Space” prophecy. Officials are still investigating a more logical cause for the fire.


If you want to see the Winfield Mansion before it was cursed by Taylor’s lyrics, check out the official “Blank Space” music video below.