Kim Kardashian Charity Sales Send Very Little To Charities

Kim Kardashian may be worth $35 million but that hasn’t stopped her from attempting to earn more money through the misfortunes of others. A recent report has found that Kim only donates 10% of the proceeds she earned from her eBay Giving Works charity sales to the actual charities she’s supporting.

While it’s true that the percentage given to charity is listed on the charity sales page a Fox News PR professional points out that “many times the public assumes that all the proceeds go to charity and not the celebrity.”

Kim’s sister Khloe on the other hand gives a whopping 15% of the auction price to charity.

When you consider that celebrities these days tend to receive large sums of items for free in the first place, just so they’ll tout them to the public the Kardashian’s are basically reaping huge profits in the name of “charity work.” A source close to the family says the stuff the Kardashians sell are typically not swag items but there’s no way to verify that fact.

The charity work reveal is just another nail in the Kardashians falling empire. Anderson Cooper recently revealed that he would ban the Kardashians from his talk show if he could and many of the shows original viewers walked away when Kim staged a wedding following by a quickie divorce.

One star who’s not stingy with their charity work? Justin Bieber. The kid literally sticks his name on products just to turn around and give his profits from the items immediately to charity.

Are you surprised by Kim Kardashian’s stingy charity ways?