Golden Retriever Goes Ballistic Watching The Australian Open Tennis Match

Some animals watch television and some really get into the action. Georges, a golden retriever seen in a YouTube video, goes ballistic. He jumps, runs back and forth, and bounces in unison with the tennis action he’s entranced by. In fact, he seems to want to be part of the action!

His antics are taking over the internet. A large red retriever, Georges show his silly, happy side and wants to get the ball, it appears. Another family golden walks by in disbelief, not much of a television sports fan. You can’t help but chuckle at his enthusiasm, which he keeps under control and does not knock the flat screen television down, despite that enthusiasm.

YouTube user Bearaids, a.k.a. Tim, his human caretaker from Minnesota, notes that the golden loves playing fetch and will go nonstop if someone is willing to throw his huge collection of balls, rope toys, and frisbees. And Georges is such a fan of the sport he will sit in front of the television all day. But the obedient dog will also settle and calmly watch the game when told to.

Tim told News 10,, of Lansing, Michigan, the following.

“… Georges is truly a sports fan. He watches all sports, no joke. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, UFC, you name it, if it is a sport he will go nuts. All other TV programming doesn’t interest him (unless there is another dog on TV). Even if he is upstairs and hears sports (which he can pickup easily), or if I ask him if he wants to watch football/hockey/tennis/etc… he will come running downstairs and sit in front of the TV.

His owner indicated that he believes that the talented golden knows what’s going on, he’s watched sports so often. He follows the ball and waits for the next set, even when the ball disappears from the side of the screen. And he gets very excited waiting for the snap in football, the score in hockey, or the pitch in baseball. A smart dog indeed. He even leaves and drinks water during commercial breaks!

Georges’ videos have been popular on the internet before. He even has his own YouTube channel!

Josie, an internet-watching golden retriever, who prefers watching dogs having fun in the snow, was featured on the Inquisitr on January 19. And another video of a golden and his squeaky toy went viral with over 1.5 million hits.

Have you ever had an animal companion who goes crazy for television? What’s their favorite show?

[Photo courtesy WILX Channel 10, video courtesy YouTube]