Penélope Cruz Loses Battle Over Topless Photos With Tabloid

When topless photos of Spanish actress Penélope Cruz appeared in a Danish tabloid back in September 2013, Cruz was furious and sued both the tabloid and its editor-in-chief. Tides have turned, and now she has to pay them money after she lost her court battle over the photos.

Back in 2013, Spanish actress Penélope Cruz was on a beach with her husband, Javier Bardem, and Spain being Spain and this being allowed, she was sunbathing minus the top of her bikini. Someone took photos and gave or sold them to the Danish tabloid, Ekstra Bladet, and they published them.

According to Euroweekly News, Cruz was furious when she saw the published photos and immediately went after the tabloid and also sued the editor-in-chief, Poul Madsen.

However, in June 2014, the Copenhagen City Court cleared Ekstra Bladet and Madsen of any fault. Cruz immediately appealed the decision of the court.

As reported in the Local, Monday this week saw the Eastern High Court in Copenhagen taking the same stance as the lower court’s ruling. The court stated that as the photos were taken on a public beach, this is not a punishable offense and there is no fault on the side of the tabloid or its editor.

Now Penélope Cruz, star of The Counselor, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, and Vanilla Sky, among other Hollywood films, has lost her battle against the tabloid and has been ordered to pay the editor of Ekstra Bladet 25,000 kroner ($3,800) in compensation and to cover court costs.

Madsen told Ekstra Bladet that he was glad that they won.

“The judgement shows that a well-known foreign celebrity can’t just come into this country and demand compensation. It would constitute a violation of Danish liberal-mindedness and media responsibility.”

However, despite the win in court, it should be noted Ekstra Bladet did remove the topless photos of Cruz.

In other related news, the Inquisitr notes Penélope Cruz and Diane Kruger are reportedly in final negotiations to star in the new film This Man, This Woman to be directed by Isabel Coixet.

[Image: In the public domain]