Bruce Jenner Planning Gender Reassignment Surgery, Name Change In Coming Months

Michael HeimanGetty Images

Bruce Jenner has been taking steps to transform himself into a woman, and it appears as though he is ready to take that transformation all the way. According to Radar Online, the former Olympian has plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery and to change his name. It is believed that much of this emotional process will be documented on a new reality series in which Bruce will be the star.

“The decision wasn’t made overnight, but has been done thoughtfully over the past year. After having his Adam’s apple removed, and beginning to take hormones, Bruce knew what he wanted to do. He has been in counseling as required by the surgeon, and his doctor believes Bruce is psychologically prepared to become a woman. Bruce has already been living as a woman behind closed doors at his Malibu house. Bruce is ready to legally change his name too. He’ll change his entire identity, and will be recognized as a woman,” shared a source.

Bruce Jenner has kept his personal life quiet for several years, but the more he got his nails painted and pouted his lips, the more people talked. Now, sources close to Bruce say that he is ready to open up about his struggle, and that he wants to come out to the world on his own. According to USA Today, Bruce will go through the next part of his transition in a very public way, allowing cameras to film his journey.

“It’s still officially unconfirmed and hush-hush, and not just because it involves Jenner — ex-Olympic decathlete, father and stepfather to 10, husband to three ex-wives, world-famous reality star — slowly but surely becoming a woman. It’s hush-hush because, multiple reports say, he plans to film his transition for TV. No point in talking now and spoiling the show,” reports USA Today.

Bruce Jenner’s ex-wife, Kris Jenner, has not said a thing about the new show, and has consistently denied the rumors about Bruce wanting to become a woman. This could have either been Kris’ way to protect Bruce and his secret, or if could have been a way for her to protect her own image. As far as Bruce’s kids go, various reports claim that the family is in full support of Bruce’s decision to change his life.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there seems to be some disagreement when it comes to what is fair to say, and what should be kept quiet, but Bruce has ultimately made the decision to share his life with the world.