January 20, 2017
Left Shark Was The Star Of The Super Bowl, But Right Shark Is Super Hot

Katy Perry's Left Shark was the real star of her Super Bowl halftime show, with Missy Elliott coming in a close second. However, the guy hiding inside Right Shark's gullet is also getting attention for being a real popsicle melter.

While Right Shark tore up the stage like a sharknado, Left Shark flopped around like a fish out of water (which he sort of was). The internet was immediately enamored with the living Spongebob Squarepants characters, but Left Shark got the most love on social media.

Famous faces even got in on the fun. Left Shark might be a lousy dancer, but a few celebrities want to be him.The dancing palm trees, surfboards, and beach balls didn't get as much love, but Katy Perry made a pretty clever joke about the bouncing balls before her Super Bowl halftime show. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she quipped that nothing about her performance would be deflated.Luckily for Left Shark fans, People did a little digging and discovered the likely identity of Katy Perry's finned friend. He's a professional dancer named Bryan Gaw, and he's worked with Katy Perry Before.


While Left Shark is getting laughed at for his floppy flipper flipping, Right Shark is winning over female fans by looking really hot out of his sea creature costume. According to Us Weekly, Right Shark has been identified as Scott Myrick, a hot guy with a six pack. He was one of the dancers involved in Katy Perry's feud with Taylor Swift. In one of the photos below, Myrick shows some love for another Super Bowl performer who became an internet meme. Scott Myrick

Scott has been busy tweeting about how awesome it was to perform during the Super Bowl half time show, and he revealed that Katy Perry predicted the dancing sharks' induction into the internet meme hall of fame.

Do you think Left Shark and Right Shark were the real Super Bowl MVPs?

[Images via NBC, Instagram]