Making blog posts even more worthless

Primary among the guilty parties of this sickening trend is Chris Pirillo who under the guise of letting us all know what his thousands of Twitter sycophants feel about his every muttering is literally polluting the blogosphere with utter inanity. In the last 48 hours of posts from Chris we have had to deal with this repeating of his Twitter stream – which I don’t want in the first place which is why I don’t follow him on Twitter – three separate times with each posting showing progressively more and more of this stream.

The first one of the last 48 hours – and yes he has been doing this longer – was thankfully limited to sharing the Twitter thoughts of 6 people about something to do with brain toniq. This was followed up with a post by Chris asking about tech support for parent to which he then had the pleasure of seeing 33 responses of which this idiot’s overblown avatar took up the whole screen of my feed reader – gee thanks for that.


Finally yesterday we get this beauty where Chris talks about Weird Al and guess what – anyone getting his RSS feed has the pleasure of it exploding with 125 Twitter posting. Now granted I’m not a fan of Weird Al but I’d still be just as pissed and irritated if it had been a post about him declaring his undying love for Windows 7. I read a bloggers posts because I want their opinions and thoughts not their sycophant Twitter entourage.

Now as bad as it is that a leader in tech blogging like Chris thinks that this invasion of inanity is okay it becomes equally bad – if not worse – when someone like Robert Scoble decides to pull the same kind of stunt when he asked on his blog about what new productivity tool people have adopted. Which isn’t so bad because one would figure that some of the replies in the comments would be handy to know.

But no … Robert decides to pull the same stunt as Chris and post his Twitter stream of responses to his Testing of a new Twitter Toolswhich amounted to 73 responses that took up more space that what their replies were worth.


He then followed that up with yet another time wasting post of Twitter replies when he asked about What’s the best new productivity tool you’ve adopted in past year to which we got 4 lines of text from Robert and then flooded with 71 pointless repetitious crap

Then from Mr. Social Media himself – Louis Gray we are made to suffer through the same invasion of Twitter replies that should have stayed in Twitter. Louis’ post of course was the one that let the cat out of the bag about the new service that will let anyone with a Twitter stream suffer this same invasion upon their own readers.

Apparently the service is called Twickie; which by the way is being hosted on Chris Pirillo’s domain (not a surprise there) gives you a couple of steps to follow and then you to can have the HTML or CSS code needed to piss off your readers. which of course give Louis the prime opportunity to pull off the same crap by displaying 7 replies from his Twitter stream.

I’m sorry but from where I am sitting this is just a stupid fucking idea that should have been left on some-one’s drawing board because what you have seen so far will only be the tip of the iceberg. I realize that we see a lot of really stupid ideas pop up time to time whether it be giving your iPhone the opportunity to fart right through to this one; but I have to think that this not only is a stupid idea but is one that will end up seeing a lot of bloggers end up losing readers.

I know for myself that if this stupidity continues to grow in use my feed reader is going to start seeing a lot of blogs being dropped from it regardless of how valuable I might have originally found the blog to be – and yes Louis this would include you along with Robert and Chris. If I want to read Twitter streams then I’ll use Twitter tools but I will not accept myself or others to the excruciating irritation of posting bullshit posts that contain nothing more that refried tweets.