Red Carpet Beauty Tips From Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist

Notably the most fascinating aspect of rolling out the red carpet is discovering the next big trend, such as a hairstyle or ensemble, to hit the scene. With the Oscars approaching in less than a month, many are awaiting the fancy dresses, chic ‘dos, and smart suits that will stroll down the red carpet. To prepare, Emma Stone’s makeup artist offers top beauty tips for any occasion.

Though Stone didn’t win the Screen Actors Guild award she was hoping for, fans and press who caught glimpses of the star on the red carpet couldn’t help but tip their hats to her makeup artist. As covered in Yahoo! Beauty, Rachel Godwin, the makeup mastermind responsible for the facial stylings of Emma Stone, among other top celebrities, provides sound advice for anyone seeking a flawless look.

Godwin admits that most women who plan to grace the red carpet get facial treatments before the show, but she recommends waiting at least half an hour before applying makeup to ensure the skin can receive it. As reported by the Inquisitr, there are more creative ways to shrink your pores and help clear up skin without a professional facial, but it’s still important to give your skin time to absorb moisturizers. Taking a little extra time to allow the skin and pores to recover ensures makeup stays on longer and appears smooth.

Amidst her arsenal of professional beauty tips, Rachel pulls out another red carpet gem: dilute heavier foundation with rosewater before application to prevent bright lighting from telling the tale of your makeup. Combining thinned makeup with fake eyelash remnants and strong lip colors help Godwin bring a look together, particularly before a large event. As a bonus, Godwin’s contouring techniques reduce the amount of makeup needed to achieve a picture-perfect complexion.

After receiving much acclaim for her work with Emma Stone for the SAG Awards, Godwin published a portion of her secret formula on Instagram for those wanting the inside scoop. Emma’s vibrant lips were made to pop with a combination of Chanel lip pencil and Revlon HD in shades of Rouge Profund and Gladiolus, respectively. A Chanel makeup artist, she achieved Stone’s clean, classic look by making her bright lips the focal point while understating eye and face makeup.


It’s this mix of drama and serenity that, as a makeup artist, Rachel Godwin has mastered. Among her top beauty tips is the time-tested theory that less is more, and Emma’s stunning appearance at the SAG Awards is proof that Godwin is correct.