‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Spoilers: Vivica A. Fox, Kenya Moore Battle In ‘Who Stole My Phone?’

A new episode of The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season airs Monday night on NBC, and it looks like it’s going to be a juicy one. The battle between Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox cranks up a notch and Joan Rivers returns for one last television appearance. What Celebrity Apprentice spoilers are available for the February 2 episode?

TVLine shares a Celebrity Apprentice spoiler sneak peek at Monday’s show. This one is called “Who Stole My Phone?” and as teasers previously shared via the Inquisitr note, the phone reference is tied to a big fight between Kenya and Vivica. Trouble has been building between these two all season, and it seems that Monday night things reach a breaking point.

In the latest preview, Team Vortex approaches a lady on the street and asks if they can film her for their project. She agrees, and Vivica says she’ll walk with the lady. However, Kenya intervenes and notes that she wants those photographed to be really thin, insinuating that Fox doesn’t fit that vision. Naturally, this comment does not sit well with Vivica.

This “thin” comment and the phone debacle both appear to happen during the first task airing in Monday’s episode. The boardroom will be an explosive one, and previews show all seven remaining contestants in the boardroom. It appears that Johnny Damon and Kenya Moore are the project managers for that first task.

There is a lot of speculation online regarding what happens from there. Could there be three celebrities fired in Monday’s episode? Some Celebrity Apprentice spoiler fans think that could be the case, but the network isn’t hyping things that way. Some speculate that Johnny’s team could lose this task, thus getting him fired, but that Trump fires Kenya for her shenanigans as well.

It would appear via the show’s site that Leeza is likely moved over to work with Vivica and Geraldo after the first task. Some say that the teams certainly would seem uneven if that were the case, with just Brandi and Ian left on the other side. Others wonder if Kenya is still around after that first task, but is told to swap places with Leeza, or if NBC could have spliced a couple of shots together to make it seem as if Vivica, Leeza, and Geraldo are working together when that’s not really the case.

Based on the schedule for the remainder of the season, it seems that there is reason to suspect that there are three celebrities let go Monday. The February 9 episode is a special called “Top Feuds, Firings and Fails.” It is said to be a look back at the most iconic moments from the show’s history, but the description doesn’t seem to indicate any new tasks with the current contestants.

As NBC notes, the February 16 finale is titled “Universal Wizards,” and it is described as an episode featuring the celebrated boardroom showdown as well seeing the final two celebrities work on their last task in Orlando, Florida, with the help of six formerly fired celebrities. There is typically a tough interview session at the final four stage, and from the sounds of the episode descriptions, there’s no room in the schedule for another task that would pare the group from five to four.

If that is indeed the case, it seems to fit with previous Celebrity Apprentice spoilers that one way or another, Johnny, Kenya, and Geraldo are the next three to go, leaving Ian Ziering, Vivica, Leeza, and Brandi Glanville as the final four. It is believed that Vivica and Leeza snag those final two spots, and many suspect that ultimately Gibbons will win.


Will Monday night’s episode really be so wild that three celebrities are sent home by the end of the night? Not everybody believes the Celebrity Apprentice spoilers that have been floating around out there, though, so these last couple of episodes could contain some big shockers.

Joan Rivers makes an appearance as an advisor again Monday night, and fans are bracing themselves for this final farewell. Tune into The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season as the final three episodes air on NBC on Monday nights.

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