WWE News: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Gets Beer Thrown At Him At WWE Live Event

Roman Reigns is turning into the next John Cena. After that sinks in for a moment, consider the fact that when Cena began his ascension to the top of WWE, he was beloved by fans all over the world. The “Internet Wrestling Community” loved Cena, just as he was getting over his rapper gimmick. This time is different however, as the fans don’t love Reigns.

In fact, his “over-confidence” is one of the things the WWE Universe does not like. That could be one of the main reasons why WWE is on the cusp of changing the main event of WrestleMania 31. The WWE fans know what TV audiences think of Reigns. They aren’t huge fans of the former-WWE Tag-Team champion. However, it is unclear how Reigns is perceived at house shows.

According to SEScoops.com, Reigns was wrestling at a house show over the weekend a fan decided to show how much he dislikes Roman Reigns.

has been getting mostly positive reactions at WWE’s recent live events, despite the backlash we’ve been seeing on WWE television over the past week or so. He wrestled the in a Street Fight at Saturday night’s show from Edmonton. A reader who was at the show wrote that he did receive some boos, with one fan throwing a beer at him during his entrance.”

Normally, the WWE fans are loud, but don’t throw objects at WWE superstars anymore. This isn’t Extreme Championship Wrestling, or World Championship Wrestling. WWE doesn’t cater to the fans that go “overboard” with their cheers or boos. What is happening with Roman Reigns is an extreme case. Try to imagine the push Hulk Hogan got in today’s WWE.


Whether the WWE Officials like it or not, Reigns is not liked by the majority of WWE fans. Wrestling analysts believed that a Philadelphia-crowd was the exception to the rule. However, in Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday Night Smackdown, Reigns was booed in a loud way. To make matters worse, he acknowledged the hate and reacted, which is something you’re not supposed to do.

If the WWE wants the main event of WrestleMania 31 to be successful, Bleacher Report offers one suggestion that could save the pay-per-view. Roman Reigns should turn heel and align with Paul Heyman at the conclusion of his match with Brock Lesnar.

Nobody would expect something like that to happen. That way, Reigns doesn’t have to do his own promos. Heyman is the master of the microphone and would build Reigns to the moon. If that isn’t enough, then WWE needs a plan B. Fans cannot continue to throw beer at the WWE’s next face.

[Image via whatculture.com]