Obamacare Pet Coverage Coming Soon?

Obamacare pet coverage should be added to the mammoth Affordable Care Act mandate – at least according to those polled in San Diego by political activist Mark Dice. A plethora of California residents eagerly signed a petition which would require Obamacare to include medical insurance for pets, with Americans making over $80,000 per year footing the veterinarian bills.

Mark Dice uses "prankster" videos to highlight how little some Americans know about current laws and their rights and protections under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Last year, Dice made a video of himself circulating a petition calling for the repeal of the Third Amendment. Founding Father James Madison introduced the Third Amendment during the drafting of the Bill of Rights in 1789. The soldier-quartering text was crafted in direct response to laws passed by the British during the Revolutionary War. Government officials in England passed the Quartering Acts, which would have permitted British soldiers to live in American homes, regardless of whether or not the owner objected.

Almost all the San Diego residents who Mark Dice encountered while circulating the faux Obamacare pet coverage petition signed the document. The document was entitled the "Affordable Care Veterinarian Act."

"Just because you own a pet doesn't mean you should have to pay the veterinarian bills. When someone out there's making $80,000 a year, they can help you pay for the veterinarian bills and take care of your pets," Mark Dice tells one woman – who signed the Obamacare for pets petition.

Dice posed this question to another California man, who also signed his name on the Affordable Care Veterinarian Act petition, "If you have a pet and it needs some veterinarian care, why should you have to pay for that?"

When Dice told one woman that Obamacare was about to begin covering pets, she exclaimed, "Oh that's awesome. It's so d**n expensive."

The woman also noted that she was just thinking about getting a puppy.

"This will help to alleviate the burden of having to pay for the veterinarian bills yourself and you will now have a collective health insurance policy for the animals," Mark Dice responds while handing her the Obamacare for pets petition to sign.

What do you think about the Obamacare for pets petition responses garnered by Mark Dice?

[Image via: Shutterstock.com]