‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers: Liz’s Life Hangs In The Balance In ‘Luther Braxton: Conclusion’

The Blacklist is back, and fans are thrilled to dive back into the world of Raymond Reddington again. A truly explosive episode aired Monday night after the Super Bowl and the next new episode airs in the show’s new spot on Thursday nights. Everybody was left hanging in Part 1 of “Luther Braxton,” and viewers want Blacklist spoilers regarding Part 2.

As Monday’s show concluded, details were emerging about the connections between Braxton, Reddington, Liz, the fulcrum, and that fire seen so often in flashbacks. Then, however, the black site prison was hit with a missle and everything exploded. Luckily, thanks to Blacklist spoiler previews, it is known that the mission to kill everybody at the prison doesn’t fully succeed.

Ressler survives and catches up to Reddington, and the two scramble to try to find Liz. However, Braxton and his team have taken her off-site, and they are going to dig into her memories to try to find the information they believe she has on the fulcrum. She is taken back to the night of the fire in her childhood and she is seen gasping and saying that her father was there.

NBC has released a handful of photos from Thursday’s “Luther Braxton” conclusion, and there are some interesting Blacklist spoilers hidden in there. David Strathairn returns as The Director, and one shot shows him talking to Braxton.

Janel Moloney is also back as Kat Goodson, and as Entertainment Weekly previously reported, Gloria Reuben from ER shows up in Thursday night’s episode as well. She will play Dr. Selma Orchard, an expert who will be trying to reach Liz’s subconscious memories about the fire and possibly the fulcrum.

Another Blacklist spoiler photo shows Dembe holding a gun on Braxton as Red looks on. A photo shows Ressler leaning over Liz at one point while another shows Ressler standing in front of a Coast Guard helicopter. It seems that Red will manage to save Liz as she’s being held by Braxton, as one photo shows him with her at a makeshift medical facility with a bloodied man down next to the wall.

Braxton believes that Liz’s brain and memories hold the key to the fulcrum, and it seems he will stop at nothing to get it. However, he’s got plenty of others willing to kill to prevent the information from coming out. Just how much will viewers learn about that fire, Liz’s connection to Red and the fulcrum? Fans of The Blacklist know that they have to be very patient, and that the more that is revealed, the more that remains hidden oftentimes with this show.


The only thing that is known for certain is that the second half of Season 2 will be quite the explosive one. Fans have developed their theories about how it all fits together, and it’s clear that there are still many twists and turns to come before all of the connections are spelled out in full. The Blacklist airs new episodes Thursday nights now on NBC, and fans cannot wait for more.

[Image via Melty]