‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Haunted Star Explosion Puts Lives At Risk As People Scramble For Safety

Fans of General Hospital are hoping that some big revelations will come this week and that perhaps the Luke/fake Luke story will soon come to some sort of conclusion. It is now officially February sweeps and fans know that means big storylines are on the way. What General Hospital spoilers are available for the episodes airing during the week of February 2?

General Hospital spoilers via the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page indicate that Nathan will race to reach Dante and they’ll scramble to escape before the bomb blows. Helena tries to keep Nikolas from the Haunted Star party while Jake is adamant with Sam that he doesn’t remember anything.

Also ahead this week, Jake, really Jason Morgan now played by Billy Miller, will have a flashback to having planted the bomb on the Haunted Star. As the chaos of the explosion erupts, Sam and Liz jump into the thick of things to try to save those they love. General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps indicate that Nina will realize that “Diana” is not really an ally while Franco, Ava, Sonny and Julian get held back in their efforts.

As the fake Luke relishes the chaos that is hitting the Haunted Star, Ava begs someone for help and Franco does something big for Nina. The two will make a deal and soon an unlikely hero pops up in the Haunted Star explosion. Some speculate this could be Sonny, but fans will have to tune in to Wednesday’s show to find out for certain.

Toward the end of the week Alexis will worry about Julian while Kiki and Morgan are left stunned by something they learn. Sabrina returns home, but she’s faced with some unexpected guests asking for help. During Friday’s show Sonny will be faced with a shocker as Agent Kyle Sloane, now being played by soap vet Grayson McCouch, shares bad news and Nathan asks Obrecht for help.


General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tracy and Bobbie will feel perplexed over Luke’s strange behavior. Tracy will follow him and make a stunning discovery and Nathan will talk to Ned and Tracy about what he suspects.

Nikolas will threaten to kill his grandmother while she tells Fluke that she has another trick up her sleeve yet. Fans have been floating around theories regarding Fluke for months now and everybody is ready to see this GH storyline wrapped up. Some are even buzzing that perhaps there is no fake Luke after all, but as Soap Hub ponders, perhaps Luke is dealing with dissociative identity disorder (previously referred to as multiple personalities).

Whatever the truth is about Luke, it sounds as if the show will get closer to, but hold off on revealing, the truth this week. Will some perish in the Haunted Star explosion and if so, who will die? Fluke has big plans and there are a lot of revelations on the way during this big sweeps period. Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just what happens next to those in Port Charles.

[Images via General Hospital About page/Ace Showbiz]