‘RHOA’ Star Demetria McKinney Accused Of Stealing Song: Lawsuit Coming Over Song?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Demetria McKinney was very proud of her songs that she performed on the show, including the song, 100, who she claims to have written about her partner, Roger Bobb. And while many people rushed to iTunes to buy her song after she performed it on the show, McKinney does have someone calling her out for stealing.

Demetria McKinney is now being accused of stealing the music from another artist to write her own song. The songs are similar in nature, and they were released months apart, meaning it could have been a song writer or a producer, who decided to use similar beats and melodies for two separate artists. McKinney may not have known about the other song.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Demetria McKinney is being accused of stealing the chorus and the melody from another artist. It is uncertain whether this was done in purpose, but this is a clear case for a lawsuit. In other words, McKinney shouldn’t be surprised if she is served with papers.

“The song (“100 ft Da Brat”) that the new girl Demetria Mckinney keep signing on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, She stole it from a gospel artist name Uncle Reece and he did it better…lol,” a source has revealed about the song.

Uncle Reece’s track, “I Can’t Help Myself,” is very different in context, as he discusses in faith in God in the song. The song was released a few months before Demetria’s song was released. And those who have heard both songs can hear the striking similarities, namely the beat used during the chorus and much of the melody.

Demetria McKinney hasn’t spoken out about the theft accusations yet, but it is uncertain whether Demetria writes her own songs. It is possible that McKinney will face a lawsuit over this theft, even though it technically may not be her fault. As for her future with The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Demetria’s co-star Cynthia Bailey thinks it is short-lived.

“I think coming into this group you know her focus was always on her music career. And it may not have been the perfect fit for her if that was her main focus and if she couldn’t really show a lot more of her life and reality,” Cynthia has revealed about Demetria McKinney. “This is a reality show. You have to show your reality. I adore Demetria. I personally think she’s a great addition to the show.

“However, I do know it’s hard to put yourself out there. You have to be ready to be completely transparent and put yourself out there.”

It is also interesting that McKinney is being accused of stealing music, when she recently spoke out about the other housewives’ music careers. According to the Inquisitr, Demetria put herself on a much higher pedestal.

What do you think about Demetria McKinney being accused of stealing music?

[Image via Bravo]