'Bachelor' 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules Still Engaged Per Reality Steve, Locals Said To Confirm His Pick

Things are getting serious on ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules. The bachelorettes are coming on strong, and in just a few weeks, fans will see that highly-anticipated final rose ceremony. Are Chris Soules and his final lady still together, engaged, and happy? Reality Steve's spoilers say yes, despite some buzz to the contrary, and there seems to be some backup for his Bachelor spoilers this season.

Reality Steve's spoilers maintain that Chris Soules is engaged to Whitney Bischoff, the Bachelor's final rose ceremony pick. Steve has said all along that Chris and Whitney were together at the end of filming, and his latest blog post says that is still the case.

Steve wrote, "Chris is engaged to Whitney and nothing has changed."

As the spoiler guru points out, this is the point in the season where some tabloid sites will start trying to stir up drama and trouble with manufactured speculation. What's the latest? Some sites are claiming that Chris is dumping Whitney to once again romance his former fiancee, reported by Wetpaint to likely be Sheena Schreck. However, there never seems to be any actual sources for these kinds of stories, and Steve says there's nothing to this one.

While there may be talk intent on stirring up drama related to Chris Soules' engagement to Whitney Bischoff, those in the know in Iowa seemingly indicate that Reality Steve's spoilers are true, and that all is well. While traditionally, yes, the lead for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is supposed to keep the news regarding their final pick mum, it's also well-known at this point that it doesn't really work out this way much of the time.

Long-time fans know that nearly every season, people close to the lead know the final choice and even get to spend time with that significant other. For example, JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert's sister had grown close by the time their season finale aired, while Sean Lowe has openly admitted he flew Catherine Giudici down to Texas secretly to spend time with his loved ones before their finale.

In the case of Chris Soules and The Bachelor 2015 season, it seems his final pick is already known and confirmed within his social circles in Iowa, and not via Reality Steve's spoilers. Those in the area are said to be openly buzzing about this season and the fact that Chris chooses the nurse from Chicago as his final gal. If indeed Chris was ditching Whitney for his former fiancee or anyone else, the locals would surely be already talking about it, and word has it that they aren't.

The next episode of The Bachelor 2015 season will show Chris and his final 11 ladies heading to New Mexico, and soon they will visit South Dakota and Iowa. It's just a matter of weeks before Soules is down to his final two, said to be Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff, and he proposes to one. While there may be those picking apart Reality Steve's spoilers and doubting that they're accurate, insiders from the area where he lives in Iowa are reportedly smiling and giving a knowing wink that Reality Steve indeed nailed it this season.

Will Chris and Whitney make it down the aisle and wed? Of course, that much isn't known yet, and fans will be anxious to see how the two really are doing after the finale in mid-March. Tune in to ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season airing Monday nights, with a couple of Sundays thrown in before the finale, to see the sparks fly between Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff.

[Image via ABC]