‘Final Fantasy XIV’ To Get Cloud’s Advent Children Costume

According to a number of reports, Final Fantasy XIV will get Cloud’s Advent Children costume alongside a heap of other new content in the upcoming 2.51 patch. These reports stem from a recent live-stream involving Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida, where Mr Yoshida discussed the upcoming patch, which is set to bring Final Fantasy 7‘s Gold Saucer to the game.

However, Mr Yoshida stressed that Cloud’s outfit wouldn’t be immediately available to players. Players must log in to, and play, Final Fantasy XIV for the 720 day mark in order to be rewarded with Cloud’s outfit as part of the Veteran Rewards system. Briefly, the Veteran Rewards system is a little something where Sqaure Enix gifts customers for having played the game for a certain amount of days.

If some players don’t wish to play the game for this amount of time in order to get Cloud’s outfit, they can purchase the days ahead of time, as they also count towards the Veteran Rewards, so that means players will be able to purchase six months ahead of the game’s two year anniversary, which is when the Advent Children outfit will go out to those who’ve been paying on a monthly basis from the start.

Throughout the live-stream, many of the new content that will be released as part of patch 2.51 was shown off, such as what you can do with your Chocobo. Feeding your Chocobo special feed will also increase attributes. After you retire your chocobo from racing, it can be bred with other Chocobos. The offspring may also inherit an ability from their parents, resulting in a Chocobo that would be far superior than most of the Chocobos that you could buy.


As far as other mini-games at the Gold Saucer goes, there’s the Monster Toss, The Moogle’s Paw, Cuff-a-Cur, and Crystal Tower Striker. According to Mr. Yoshida, you won’t get too much from them as far as rewards go, but they’re easily repeatable, and quite simple to play. In other words, they’re pretty much just there for their entertainment value. They’re more of a good way to kill some time while you’re waiting for friends to get online, or if you just feel like distracting yourself for a short while from the rest of Final Fantasy XIV.

In other Final Fantasy XIV news, Square Enix have announced that the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIVHeavensward– will have DirectX 11 support, although players won’t notice much of a difference from DirectX 9, which is what Final Fantasy XIV was supported on. However, players will be able to notice subtle improvements to the game’s graphics, such as a more realistic portrayal of water; how much it shimmers, characters’ reflections etc.

(Image via Official Website.)