Neighbor Of John Lennon’s Mom Recalls That The Beatles Music Was ‘Nothing Wonderful’: ‘I Sent My Husband Around To Shut Them Up’

When the young Beatles were busy honing their craft and earning their chops in John Lennon’s mom’s house, the fab four didn’t appear all that fabulous to one of Julia Lennon’s neighbors, who has revealed that listening to the Beatles rehearse was a nightmare she could have well done without.

It’s safe to say that 82-year-old Thelma Cain isn’t really a Beatles fan. She had a ringside seat when it came to witnessing the tentative first experiments in sound from the four young lads from Liverpool who would go on to change the world, but what she heard, she didn’t like. In fact she called it a “racket,” and explained to the Mirror how the moptops were the bane of her life.

Mrs. Cain, who was a proud mom to a newborn daughter at the same time that John, Paul, and the gang were refining the sound that would conquer the globe, regularly told the Beatles to stop rehearsing because the racket was keeping her baby awake.

“I never thought the music was anything wonderful, I felt like telling them to shut up.”

The Beatles would lay down the grooves and bang out the tunes in the bathroom of John Lennon’s mother’s semi-detached bathroom where the acoustics were supposedly better. But for the young mom next door, desperately trying to get some peace and quiet so her baby daughter would settle, she might as well have been living next to a drunken thrash metal band, such was the terrorizing effect that the Beatles harmonising, catchy pop songs, and breezy chord progressions had on her equilibrium.


Thelma revealed the prolonged attack on the senses she suffered at the hands of the Beatles, just as it was revealed that Julia Lennon’s home in Bloomfield, Allerton, Liverpool will be sold in March.

Julia Lennons house

Although Mrs. Cain describes the Beatles music as a “racket,” it would appear her husband was a bit more of a fan of the fab four’s sound. When she gave him orders one day to go next door and tell those damned lads to keep the racket down, he was spellbound by the Beatles charisma, fun-loving ways, and the sound of their soon-to-be-hits. So much so he spent the next three hours drinking with John Lennon and the gang, as they delivered an impromptu concert. When poor hubby returned, Mrs. Cain was less than amused.

“Once, when my daughter was only a few weeks old, I sent my husband round to shut them up. He didn’t come back for three hours, he’d been listening to their music and drinking with them. Everybody was laughing at him at the time, saying he couldn’t be trusted to take a message to anyone.”