What Makes A Man Attractive, Instantly?

So what makes a man attractive aside from the obvious? It’s not all about looks, even though that always helps, but most people are looking for something deeper than physical qualities.

After the initial honeymoon phase cools off, every relationship has to face the cruel reality, that perfect guy is not so perfect after all and things that were once endearing can become annoying, fast. But you have to keep in mind that if you’re in a committed relationship, you will have to dig deep to cherish those qualities that attracted you to your guy in the first place.

The timeless question, “What is the first thing you notice in a man?” has obviously many answers. In many cases it depends on the age of the person responding. Those in their teenage years may be more concerned with looks, but a mature individual is most likely looking for something other than physical appearance.

A sexy man is not necessarily a good looking man, but has a combination of likeable qualities. So let’s go down the most popular things that make a man attractive to others.

SENSE OF HUMOR – a guy who can make you laugh when nothing else can is hard to replace. If you’re having a horrible day and you talk to him and end up with a smile on your face, you should probably think about keeping him. However, the type of humor has to match yours and that’s what will make him super attractive.

VULNERABILITY – it can be like pulling teeth to get through those walls some guys like to put up, hence a guy who can open up and share his innermost feelings — good or bad — is extremely attractive. If he’s not so alien in this department (men are from Mars, remember?) it should be smoother sailing as you move forward.

STRENGTH – what is worse than a guy who can’t handle a difficult situation maturely? Not too many things. If a man is able to stay cool, calm, and collected in the face of challenges, think twice. Few things make a man more attractive to others than inner strength.

GENEROSITY – he gets upset when you treat yourself, but has no problem spending money at a bar? What a turn off. When the lack of generosity extends to sharing feelings, it’s even less attractive to a woman. A man who can give freely is hot and if he shows this side to others without fail, take note.

AFFECTION – very few things are more attractive to a woman than a warm, affectionate man who is not afraid of PDAs. Whether it’s in front of the family, friends, or kids a guy who will express his feelings without restraint is priceless.

MODESTY – no matter how physically attractive a man is, one of the biggest turn-offs is when he is totally aware of his good looks. You know those hot celebrities that are too self-conscious? However, if a guy who is super sexy is completely unaware and unpretentious, that makes him instantly attractive.

INTELLIGENCE – good looking men with no brains are such a turn-off, but a guy who is not trying to show how smart he is can be irresistible. For a lot of people, the mind is the first thing that attracts them to men, chemistry comes next.


CLEANLINESS – an attractive man that is not clean doesn’t work. Body odor, dirty hair, or unclean nails are some examples of what guys should pay attention to. If a man showers at least once daily and is neat about his appearance in general, without over-doing it, then he will attract notice.

PARTNERSHIP – a man that can truly be a woman’s partner is definitely attractive. The ladies look for that guy who is not afraid to take on any of the chores or responsibilities usually assigned to a female, such as cooking, doing laundry, changing diapers. This also applies to the way in which the man treats their partner.

CONFIDENCE – in and out of the bedroom, confidence in a man is one of his most attractive qualities. A guy that is not sure about his feelings and how to express them, or how to please you in bed without being told is not attractive at all.

CHIVALRY – many think this form of expressing themselves is dying a slow, painful death, but those who are old-fashioned find a man who can be attentive, very attractive indeed. Opening doors, pulling a chair out for you, giving up his seat, are all things men don’t do much of any longer, so when they do, it makes them super attractive.

This list is not mutually exclusive and not all men will possess all of these qualities, that would be too good to be true and let’s face it, there is no such thing as a perfect man. What do you think makes a man attractive, aside from his looks? Does it depend on age?

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