Kayla Erin Smolders In Racy Elf Maid Cosplay

Kayla Erin tantalized her 840,000 Instagram fans on Monday, July 17, with a sultry new post. The Australian cosplay model took to the popular social media platform to post a two-picture slideshow of herself in a racy elf maid costume.

The first snapshot captured Erin from the right as she sat on a staircase. Her legs were kicked to the left and she opened her lips while glancing downward, as if unaware of the photographer. She wore a traditional black-and-white French maid skirt that had several layers. Instead of wearing a top, she had on just a white bra with an underwire structure that helped to enhance her ample cleavage. The left strap was off her shoulder, spicing things up further.

The second saw her in the same costume, though this time she was wearing the upper half of the uniform, which had puffy short sleeves and ruffled details in white. In this shot, she sat against a blank wall with her legs spread open to the sides. The skirt fell between her thigh, preventing her underwear from being exposed. Erin placed one hand in front of her and took to the other to her parted lips, as she gazed at a point in the distance.

Erin completed her costume with black sheer thigh-high stockings with white ruffles along the top edges and a pair of elvish ears. She also wore a matching hat and a choker.

Erin wore her light brown hair styled down in wavy strands and she brushed her bangs across her forehead to the right.

She captioned the photo with a humorous line about being a terrible worker.

Erin's fans were quick to react to the pictures, liking them more than 12,300 times within a few hours. They also wrote upwards of 60 comments in which they joked about her caption and raved about her beauty.

"I love your elf ears and super cute outfit," one user wrote.

"'Next time; We don't hire an elf maid' [exasperated emoji] Lmao," replied another user.

"You look gorgeous [heart-eyes emoji] and nice outfit," a third admired chimed in.

"Well, I mean, the place does look clean!" added a fourth fan.

Erin often rocks skimpy cosplays on her Instagram shares. One example includes a recent post that saw her transformed into a sexy Aquawoman, as The Inquisitr has previously written. She was photographed kneeling in the sand at a beach while wearing a bodysuit with a gold top that boasted black details that created a scale-like pattern across the bodice, giving off Aquawoman vibes. It included short sleeves and a plunging neckline. The bottom half was made of a shiny green material.