Weeds Actress Voices Support For Mexican Drug Lord

Actress Kate del Castillo, best known for her roles on the hit US Showtime series Weeds and the Telemundo hit La Reina del Sur shocked many of her fans on Thursday when she praised Joaquin Guzman, head of the powerful and murderous Sinaloa drug cartel of Mexico.

In a statement in which she compares Guzman to the Mexican government she noted that he’s more credible than “governments that hide truths from me, even when they are painful ones.”

Addressing the billionaire drug lord directly she then said to him:

“Wouldn’t it be really cool if you started trafficking for the good?” while suggesting that he “traffic with corrupt politicians, not women and children who end up as slaves.”

Castillo ends her rant with a simple:

“Go for it, sir. You would be the hero of heroes.”

Of course a second look reveals her argument is flawed, would she have said the same about Hitler? Perhaps she would have also been in support of Kim Jung Il? If you take the evil out of any corrupt person doesn’t that make them by the very nature of the word a better person? But to praise them for what they could be seems a bit juvenile when in reality they are murderers who get people hooked on deadly drugs.

Despite the lack of any truth to her rhetoric, Kate del Castillo has received some support, including praise from singer Ricky Martin.

In what was likely not a coincidence Castillo released her statement on the same day US authorities declared Guzman to be the world’s most powerful drug trafficker.

Do you agree with Castillo’s remarks or do you think they show a complete lack of any real understanding into the Mexican drug cartels and the sheer horror they spread?