Did Lisa Vanderpump Fire Kristen Doute On ‘Vanderpump Rules?’ [Video]

Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t happy with Miami girl’s arrival to SUR Lounge on last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, but was the issue serious enough to result in Kristen Doute being fired?

In a sneak peek of Monday night’s new episode, which was shared by E! News on February 2, Vanderpump sat down with Doute, along with restaurant manager Diana, to discuss her employment.

“Do you think it looks good for SUR in front of all of our customers to have you having such a bad attitude?” one boss asked.

Added Diana, “Forget everything, Kristen, your behavior was absolutely wrong for you to be screaming, yelling outside to Scheana and then to me.”

Although most would agree with Diana, Doute does not, and insists she did nothing wrong.

“That was probably the best it could have gone with that girl coming in here. That was the best it could have gone by Tom running away.”

Still, Lisa Vanderpump was convinced she was completely responsible for the drama that went down at SUR after Miami girl arrived.

“The situation you’ve created between Tom and Ariana and that girl, and this girl that you’ve reached out. Kristen, it’s actually your fault because you’ve orchestrated this whole thing.”

Doute appeared shocked that she was the one getting blamed for Miami girl coming to the restaurant and threatened to walk out on Lisa Vanderpump and the rest of her bosses.

“I’m not taking blame for this. Lisa, I’m sorry, with all respect, I will get up and walk out of here right now.”

“She’ll never take any responsibility. That’s who she is,” Vanderpump said in a confessional. “Letting Kristen talk and hearing her side of the story is almost like giving her a rope to hang herself.”

Vanderpump continued to lay into Doute during their meeting, and as the Inquisitr previously reported, Doute’s future with SUR Lounge is in jeopardy.


“You do not have the right to turn around and say, ‘You go f**k yourself, you f**k.’ I wouldn’t talk to anybody like that. I wouldn’t talk to you like that, and certainly in your position working underneath management have no right to talk to her like that. Forget this. Forget this endless litany of your bulls**t. We’ve put up with it more because you’ve been here for seven years and you’re like part of the family, but you’re accountable for what you say. The words that come out of your mouth you have to talk responsibility for, and you were damn rude to her and I’m not having it.”

While Doute didn’t seem to have any regrets at the time the episode was shot, she did feel bad once the episode aired, and apologized to Diana on Twitter.

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