Hannah Stocking And Lele Pons Are Soaking Wet In Latest Poolside Instagram Update

Comedic Instagram model Hannah Stocking wowed her 18.2 million followers with her recent post. Sharing the limelight with Lele Pons, Hannah asked her fans what time it was wherever they were situated.

In the series of snaps, the celebrities showed off their cheeky sides as they posed in a pristine pool.

Hannah wore a black one-piece bathing suit that had sections cut out in the front, revealing her flat stomach. As she perched on the barriers between separate pools, she leaned forward, using Lele for support. Her hair was wet, as was the rest of her, indicating that she had just gotten out of the water and slicked her hair back before posing.

Lele wore a white one-piece swimsuit that also featured a cut-away section in the front. Plunging down low in the front and tying in a bow, the outfit showed off plenty of her cleavage. Her blond hair was also slicked back and she, too, appeared to have just been frolicking in the water.

The three photos showed very similar poses. The first saw the celebrities leaning towards each other, their heads touching as they looked towards the camera with smiles on their faces. In the second snap, Hannah looked skyward at something that was offscreen. Finally, the last image showed the pair pulling funny faces for the photographer.

As soon as Hannah posted the pictures, her followers were quick to respond. Within four hours, the set had gathered a whopping 444,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments.

"The same as yours bb," Lele joked regarding what time it was.

"Canada!! Time is 3:56 and if I [were] to chose where I would live or move it would be California," one follower wrote in the comments section in response to Hannah's caption.

"Its 9:57 pm Paris," another fan said.

While many supporters chimed in with their location and the current time there, others were more eager to comment on the celebrities themselves.

"Wow! You guys are so beautiful! Hopefully, I can meet you soon and I love both of your YouTube skits! They make my day," said one user.

"Both looking cute," a fourth person wrote, adding one heart emoji for added emphasis.

In addition, many of her followers simply used emoji in order to convey how they felt about the image. Often used were the heart, kissing, and heart-eyed emoji.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hannah recently shared another bathing suit update to her official Instagram account. Posted a week ago, the celebrity showed off some underboob while wearing a minuscule multicolored bikini.