Kim Kardashian Controversy: Star Receives Backlash For Security Escort, Super Bowl Ad

Kim Kardashian landed herself in some controversy over her pre-security escort at the Super Bowl. The reality star also received Twitter backlash for her selfie-filled Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile. Kim has broken the internet before with her famous assets. Now she’s breaking both the internet and police protocol in Arizona.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were escorted to the Super Bowl by a large team of security cars. Each member of security was riding a motorcycle with lights flashing, leading to criticism on various social networking sites. Phoenix police officials said that their police officers were not involved in the security escort for Kardashian and West. Phoenix Police Department spokesperson Trent Crump did hint that Kardashian and West should’ve used someone else as their escort.

“That was not done by us, but they could hire private security or off-duty officers.”

According to Phoenix police, state laws prohibits non-emergency vehicles from “displaying a red or red and blue lights” on its highways. Kardashian and West were in Glendale, Arizona, on Saturday for a pre-Super Bowl concert. The couple then went on a double date with John Legend at Chrissy Teigen that led to an awkward photo op at the Waffle House. Kardashian and West were then escorted by a squadron of security, according to the New York Daily News.

The red and flashing blue lights could clearly be seen on the video of the Kardashian-West security escort, according to a report on X17online. There were four videos surrounding the black SUVs that were identified as the vehicles transporting Kardashian and West. The motorcycles also took up two lanes on the highways and were using flashing lights.

The famous Kardashian sister also faced some Twitter backlash after her selfie-filled T-Mobile ad aired on Super Bowl night. Kardashian, 34, was tweeting about her performance on Twitter and her excitement at showing off her acting efforts. Twitter still wasn’t impressed. Users on the social networking site called Kardashian “super vain” and “ridiculous” for having such a selfie-obsessed commercial.

“That advert just said ‘Kim Kardashian West – Famous Person’ basically just stating she has no obvious talent than being famous.”

Some would say that Kardashian was poking fun at herself in the T-Mobile Data Stash advert. It was set up to mock Kim K’s selfie obsession. It’s no secret that Kardashian loves taking a selfie every day for her millions of followers.

The ad, which features Kim warning viewers about the “tragic” loss of phone data, mocks the reality star’s selfie obsession by showing off her best selfies and iconic poses. Kim jokingly tells the viewer that with the data they’re not using, they won’t be able “to see my makeup, my back-hand, my outfits, my vacations… my outfits.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also became the jokes of the night when they finally arrived at the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Some fans attempted to take a low-key selfie that showcased the couple. In some of the photos, West obviously didn’t look too pleased about being photographed. One of the photos circulated on Twitter and became the latest meme of 2015.

Would you say that Kim Kardashian can’t catch a break? Or, do you think she brought it upon herself?

[Image: Kim Kardashian/Courtesy of Instagram]