Doggoned Cute Puppy Bowl Recap: MVP Licks Referee As Katty Perry Purrforms Halftime Show [Video]

When it comes to alternative programming for Super Bowl 2015, Puppy Bowl proved too doggone cute for some viewers to resist. You can have your Kitten Bowl, your Zombie Bowl, and even your Toddler Bowl, but adorable puppies win by more than a whisker. Read on to find out who won MVP (Most Valuable Puppy), who pooped on the referee, and, of course, highlights from the kitty halftime show.

When it came to the Puppy Bowl MVP, a tiny little shih tzu named Cara scored for Team Fluff, reported SB Nation. Although some doubted that a 14-week-old female lap dog could paw away the competition, she licked, wiggled, and rolled her way to victory.

Then there was Falcor, the clumber spaniel pup, who seemed clumsy initially. But the doggy dude surprised even the cat observers in the control room by scoring a record four touchdowns.

With Falcor playing a dogged defense for Team Ruff, the Dwarf Goat Cheerleader Squad baaaaahed with excitement as Labrador Retriever mix Bryan Adams achieved the second field goal in Puppy Bowl history, according to IGN.

The Bissell Kitty Half-Time Show showed that cat purr-fection can even silence baby goats. And that’s especially true when Katty Purry is the star.

What goes into making the play of the day? Watch and learn in case you want to participate in next year’s Fantasy Puppy Bowl game.

If you’re thinking it’s ruff to watch all these adorable baby animals and not desire one of your own, the Puppy Bowl is designed to encourage pet owners to adopt from a shelter rather than purchase from a pet store, as the Inquisitr reported.

All the puppies, as well as the kittens, are from rescue groups and shelters, and Animal Planet hopes to promote pet adoption from these groups rather than purchasing a pet from a store or breeder.

And over on the Hallmark Channel, the Kitten Bowl was designed to provide the same encouragement, noted the Bleacher Report.

Although the 92 kittens who batted at toys, washed each other, and yawned their way through the whiskered event have already been adopted, they symbolized the many pets of all ages available at shelters, as many Twitter followers of the Kitten Bowl commented.


The live-tweeting was just as serious as the real Super Bowl.

Kitten Bowl headed to overtime. Flip over to Hallmark Channel. #serioussportstweet – @bmarcello

Kitten Bowl II highlights the importance of adoption & the incredible joy pets bring to our lives. @HallmarkChannel #KittenBowl #adoptapet – @DylanNealStudio

Beth Stern hosted the Kitten Bowl, and has been a vocal advocate for pet adoption. She and her husband, Howard Stern work, together to foster kittens.

“My 4 fosters are counting down to cuteness that starts at noon on @hallmarkchannel #KittenBowl” – @BethStern

As for kitty cleverness, wave your paws for Joe Montuna, who won the cute-off in overtime. Other excessively adorable players included Beau Catson, Nom Nom Nom Suh, William “The Litterbox” Purry, and Clawvin Johnson

[Photo By China Photos/Getty Images]