‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Sandoval Calls Starbucks-Drinking Travelers A-Holes

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval has gone through the ringer this season of the show, as his relationship with Ariana Madix has been heavily questioned. Even though Tom claims he is very happy with Ariana, it sounds like Kristen Doute will do just about anything to make sure that he is not happy with her. And Kristen will gladly spread lies about Sandoval in hopes of breaking them up.

And Tom Sandoval is feeling the pressure, because this morning, he sent out a grumpy tweet. Clearly, this Vanderpump Rules star isn’t too happy about traveling with caffeine-induced individuals. Of course, Tom has been dealing with the aftermath of this season, and it is possible that reliving the “Miami Girl” drama has been too much for him.

According to a new tweet, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval may not be a morning person, because he wasn’t too happy with the many people getting a coffee prior to going on the plane this morning. And Sandoval downright called Starbucks-drinking travelers “a-holes.”

“Why r all these A-holes standing in line for Starbucks b4 flying?Nothing like a bunch of caffeine b4 a cramped 5hr plane ride,” Tom Sandoval tweeted this morning as he was about to get on a plane, tagging his girlfriend, Ariana Madix in the tweet.

As for Ariana, her Twitter activity appeared to be focused on snow rather than traveling. Maybe she has a positive attitude when it comes to travelers.

Tom Sandoval continues to deny sleeping with the girl from Miami, even though Kristen Doute is determined to prove that he is a liar and cheater. Doute was contacted by the girl from Miami, who claims to have slept with Tom while he was dating Ariana. While Madix doesn’t seem to be too concerned about this date, Tom did recognize her when she showed up at SUR on a previous episode of Vanderpump Rules.

According to the Inquisitr, Tom and Ariana believe that Doute is just out to hurt them, no matter what it takes. Tom Sandoval has never admitted to doing anything with the girl from Miami, but it is possible that watching the last few weeks of Vanderpump Rules have been tough for Sandoval. Clearly, he isn’t too pleased with traveling with coffee drinkers – or maybe he is just stressed and frustrated.

What do you think of Tom Sandoval’s tweet? Do you think he has had a tough couple of weeks, or do you think he is to blame for dealing with the girl from Miami?

[Image via Bravo]