Apple Watch App To Release This Month, Special Safes Installed In Apple Stores To Protect Gold Watch Edition

The first app for the Apple Watch could release as soon as this month. Apple is going to have a lot more customers walking into its official stores looking for the new demos of its new watches. The fully-fledged app for the Apple Watch will be ready as soon as possible. Apple is working with some of its large partners to get the first round of Apple Watch apps ready by February 12, according to Digital Trends.

This leak came courtesy of MacRumors. The source says that “some high profile app developers and partners” have been told to get their software ready by this month, in time for the launch. There already have been leaked screenshots of possible apps from American Airlines, BMW, and Starwood Hotels at the Apple launch event in September.

According to MacRumors, Apple wants to train its staff to use these apps as soon as possible. The company also wants to put the Apple Watch’s reported flaky battery performance to the test. These apps could possibly be used in presentations or other press events. One rumor suggested that the apps could showcase the features of Apple Pay when used with a third-party platform. Apple Watch users will have to keep their eyes on the iOS App Store in the next couple of weeks.

Apple Stores are also looking to add extra security after the release of the luxury edition of the Apple Watch. The safes will protect the watches before they are sold, as well as housing the demo watches overnight, according to a report by Apple blog 9to5mac. The Apple Watches will also be installed with chargers to keep the watches ready for demonstrations for the next day they’re used.

The Apple Watch gold edition is expected to launch in April. The company’s flagship stores will have “safes to house the more expensive, gold ‘Edition’ variants of the upcoming Apple Watch.” The arrival date was announced by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook when he released Apple’s Q1 results, according to Tech 2. Apple posted a record-breaking $18 billion in profits. Cook also revealed that he’s been wearing the Apple Watch and he’s addicted to it.

“I’m using it every day and love it, and I can’t live without it. I see we’re making great progress on the development of it. The number of developers that are writing apps for it is impressive, and we’re seeing some incredible innovation coming out there.”


The Apple Watch release was announced a few days ago on the Inquisitr. Cook confirmed that the Apple device is ready to ship in April and everything is “right on schedule.” The Apple Watch was previously announced in September of 2014 with its release date scheduled for “early 2015.”

The Apple Watch Edition features “elegant expressions,” according to the Apple site. Each watch is in a hard case that’s crafted in 18-karat gold that’s reported to be twice as hard as standard gold. The display is also protected by polished sapphire crystal. The Apple Watch gold edition also has a band that will provide the perfect complement to this device. Apple users will be ready for the first round of Apple Watch apps that are arriving this month.

[Image: Apple]