Mommy Blogger Lacey Spears Killed Her 5-Year-Old Son With Salt, Police Say

According to New York police, mommy blogger Lacey Spears killed her 5-year-old son with salt. Spears’ murder and manslaughter trial in the death of Garnett-Paul Spears begins this morning. Cell phone records of the mother accused of murdering her son reportedly indicate that she searched various ways of committing suicide after Garnett-Paul Spears died.

Lacey Spears, 27, of Westchester, New York, allegedly killed her son with a salt overdose last January. Her cell phone activity leading up to the day Garnett-Paul Spears was declared brain dead will be used against her during the murder trial.

The mommy blogger reportedly searched how to overdose on pills and by self-injecting insulin on her cell phone. She also reportedly used Google to learn about “insulin poisoning with suicidal intent” and read about the case of Kenneth Barlow – the first known incident of murder by insulin.

Lacey Spears was reportedly very active on social media when it came to chronicling the medical issues and health decline of her 5-year-old son. Photos of Garnett-Paul Spears as he deteriorated were reportedly commonplace. The court recently ruled that the Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace posts by the mommy blogger were relevant to the murder charges and could be used as evidence at trial. One of Spears’ post noting that her little boy was back in the hospital in 2009 said, “My sweet angel is in the hospital for the 23rd time. Please pray he gets to come home soon.” The post included a “frowning face” emoticon.

The sodium levels of Garnett-Paul Spears increased to dangerous levels without any medical explanation, according to New York prosecutors. The child’s brain became swollen due to the salt in his system, causing seizures and ultimately his death.

Prosecutors also believe the single mom put salt through a feeding tube in her son’s stomach to poison him. During the last 11 days of the boy’s life, Lacey Spears posted 28 messages on social media platforms noting his declining health. After her son died, the mommy blogger posted, “Garnett the great journeyed onward today at 10:20 a.m.”


On January 17, 2013 Garnett-Paul Spears was admitted to a New York hospital with “dangers of high sodium and hypernatremia.” Hypernatremia occurs when there are high levels of sodium present in the blood. Seizures were also reportedly noted on his medical admission chart.

On January 19, 2013, when her 5-year-old son was scheduled to be released from the hospital because he was no longer having seizures, the mommy blogger reportedly searched for iodized salt. Lacey Spears took her son to the bathroom repeatedly after finding salt, each time the boy returned looking visibly ill, according to prosecutors. Due to sodium level spikes, Garnett-Paul Spears was airlifted to the Westchester Medical Center, where he later died.

What do you think of the allegations that mommy blogger Lacey Spears murdered her 5-year-old son with salt?

[Image via: Facebook]