Superbowl Ads: The Best ( And Worst) Trailers from The Superbowl [Video]

Legions of football fans saw the Patriots narrowly beat Seattle on Sunday, but while some were groaning as the Seahawks made the worst play in Super Bowl history, others were anxiously awaiting the latest Super Bowl ads.

Jurassic World

Of course everyone’s favorite guardian, Chris Pratt, made his Super Bowl appearance in the latest of television ads for Jurassic World, which has him starring as a raptor whisperer. In the ad, we get a glimpse of the latest wild animal park, filled with all of your favorite, man-eating dinosaurs. What could possibly go wrong?

“You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.”

Ted 2

The crude teddy bear takes another run at box office glory in this comedy that just happens to feature Tom Brady- who just won his third Super Bowl-before he made it to the big game. Apparently the teddy bear cannot procreate so he enlists the help of Brady for what looks like unpromising results. This may or may not be one of the best Super Bowl ads, but it sure is memorable.


Then we get a fresh look at the Super Bowl ad for the Divergent sequel Insurgent. In this trailer we are treated to Shailene Woodley’s new haircut as and what appears to be Kate Winslet’s ghost making life hard for Tris. While the plot is not made clear and we have no dialogue, we do know that it will have an insane amount of green screen CGI effects.


George Clooney is not to be outdone as his ad for Tomorrowland hit the screen. Here, we see a young Britt Robertson touch a pin and get transported to another futuristic reality. We don’t know much about this alternate timeline she finds herself in, but we do know that whatever is wrong with the world, Clooney will help her fix it.

“What if there was a place where nothing is impossible?”


What Super Bowl would be complete without an appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger? Not this one, that’s for sure. In what may be one of the years most anticipated films, Terminator: Genisys shows us an older terminator as he faces off against his younger counterpart. How will the geriatric machine fare against a newer version of himself? Audiences will find out soon enough.

“I’ll be back”

Heroes Reborn


In this ad, we don’t get much. It may intrigue, confuse, or frustrate you, but the last thing it does is bore you. Here, a little girl dressed like an Eskimo raises her arms and creates an aurora while some creepy guy watches her with binoculars. This is the that hopes to rekindle interest for the reboot of Heroes, a super-powered television show ahead of its time that was cancelled long before the superhero craze took over Hollywood. Maybe the Super Bowl Buzz will be enough to re-launch the series.

50 Shades of Grey

This Super Bowl TV spot is a sex-charged peek into the life of a millionaire playboy who “always gets what he wants.” While we do see an abundance of skin, we don’t get much else other than a helicopter and a playroom that doesn’t have an X-box. This movie is based on the steamy bestselling novel of the same name and because of that alone, it will likely be a box office success regardless of the quality of the movie itself.

Furious 7

This year’s Super Bowl gives us Paul Walker’s final performance in the form of a Furious 7 trailer. In it, Vin Diesel espouses family values as Jason Statham seeks revenge against the Furious clan for the death of his brother. This is a Fast and Furious movie so we also get to witness a Lykan Hypersport take a 239 MPH dive from one skyscraper into another and get totaled.

Which of the movie trailers is your favorite of the Super Bowl ads?